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West End Magazine article

A wee while ago, in Washington DC, hubby and I tried a new social event, a paint and sip night.

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If you love wine and you can (kind of) paint – Cork and Chroma’s Paint and Sip studio is the place for you!

The best of Brisbane and southeast Queensland this weekend

There’s a colourful alternative to painting the town red this weekend at Cork and Chroma, a “paint and sip” art studio at West End.

The Adventures of Ms. Luxe and Jasper the Schnauzer

I was getting a bit bored with the usual wining and dining scene around Brisbane and was in search of something a little different!

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Being creative is important to your health. Creating or imagining something new, even if it is just to suit you, is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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When was the last time you were truly creative?

Weekend Activity Inspo

Silence that inner naysayer and get in touch with your creative side at the Cork & Chroma paint and sip studio. Cork & Chroma South Brisbane

Paint, sip, create! is the motto at Cork and Chroma, Brisbane’s first art and wine studio found tucked away under the historic arches of the William Jolly Bridge.

The Great South East

Just down the road from Brisbane’s art precinct, tucked under the historic arches of the William Jolly Bridge, is a newcomer to Brisbane’s artistic scene – Cork and Chroma; a paint and sip studio!

AFAR's experience at Cork & Chroma

'I knew that I liked painting. What I didn't realise was how much I liked other people painting, seeing the joy and excitement as they realise that they can create.' Hilary, owner of Cork & Chrome, a paint and sip studio in South Brisbane has seen office workers, first dates, solo lapsers, serial attempters, hen parties, holiday makers and all visit the audio to paint and be inspired - regardless of what they sip.

Blonde Ambition's experience at Cork & Chroma Blonde Ambition's experience at Cork & Chroma

I have never fancied myself as much of an artist having always preferred a pen to a paintbrush, but give me a bottle of champagne, a blank canvas and some old-school tunes and suddenly I have the talent of Picasso.

The East Coast for adults: Getting to grips with the the Pacific Coastal Highway

The last and final stop on the Pacific Coastal Highway, and one that will charm you. Everyone loves an underdog, and that is what Brisbane has been for so long. However, it has a thriving arts scene, boosted by GOMA on the Southbank and reflected by numerous independent galleries including Bird off Victoria Street and Cork & Chroma in the West End.

Paintbrush, meet wine glass

It was threatening storms as I drove through Brisbane’s cultural precinct for the opening of the city’s newest night time activity offering, Cork & Chroma, and as dark clouds gathered I wondered how my night would pan out.

Are we seeing a new trend of Eat, Drink, and Learn

The brainchild of Chicago-born Hillary Wall, the classes invites attendees, who need no experience whatsoever, to bring their own bottle of wine and be taught the basics of painting with acrylics on canvas with the end result a 40 centimetre x 50 centimetre masterpiece to take home.

Cork & Chroma invites you to swill and splash

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and Cork & Chroma director Hillary Wall’s lightbulb moment was a particularly bright one.

A stroke of genius

Hillary Wall has created Australia’s first paint and sip studio – she tells Ian and Mary that it's a place where you can tap into your creative side whilst having a glass of wine and meeting new people or hanging out with old friends.

Art will set you free

Last weekend, on Montague Road, South Brisbane, Australia's first paint and sip studio celebrated its opening night.

Cork & Chroma art studio at South Brisbane introduces first paint and sip classes

Paddington's Hillary Wall said the concept of her business Cork & Chroma was simple and involved people bringing a favourite bottle or two of wine to the studio and enjoying a creative night of painting and sipping in a relaxed environment.