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Scallop Olive

Large hand painted terracotta egg pot


This pot is hand painted and one of a kind. Your pot is made to order, so please allow two weeks for your pot to be painted and sealed by hand. As each pot is unique, there may be subtle variations in pattern and colour.

Each pot is sealed for durability and is waterproof. The pot has a single hole in the bottom for drainage.


Please note: We recommend indoor use, or outside in the shade.


Product Details:


          Outer: 25cm tall, 25cm diameter

          Inner/to fit pot:

          20cm high root system, 20cm diameter

  • Weight: 4kg

TITLE: Scallop Olive

ARTIST: Ann Nguyen

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: Terracotta

SIZE / DIMENSIONS: 25 × 25 × 25 cm

PRICE: $139.00

Qty Available: 1


Ann Nguyen

Ann Nguyen is a self-taught artist and the Head of Operations of Cork & Chroma.  Acrylic on canvas or terracotta pots are her favourite medium.  Ann recently found her inner plant goddess, after years of believing she had a black thumb.  Now she combines her love of indoor jungles and painting to make colourful bespoke pots.

“I started painting pots for myself while I learned how to keep my indoor plants alive.  For every new plant I adopted, I would paint a colourful new home for it.  People started asking me to paint pots for them, and now I love nothing more than experimenting with new colour combinations, or designing a custom pot for a special occasion.  I am drawn to bright colours, abstract prints, and bold metallic accents.”