Ray of Light : 29 November 2021

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The Spotted Eagle Ray gets its name from its distinctive spots and a small snout that looks like an eagle’s beak. It’s a solitary creature, but sometimes swims in large groups. A carnivorous predator who feeds mostly upon crustaceans, octopus and mollusk, the Spotted Eagle Ray is included in the IUCN’s Red List as “near threatened”.

Eagle rays can be a symbol of adaptability, a reminder to move with fluidity and grace.

Paint Their Majesty the ray into your reef and customise your underwater vision through colors and texture. The sunlight streaming through the water is a treat to watch come together throughout the process.

DATE: Mon, 29 Nov 2021

TIME: 7:00PM - 10:00PM

18+ Years | BYO

PRICE: $65.00 per seat

Qty Available: 22

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44 Montague Road (across from Parmalat)
South Brisbane QLD 4101
44 Montague Road (across from Parmalat)
South Brisbane QLD 4101