Poppy Sunrise : 24 Jan 2021

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Poppy Sunrise

Poppy Sunrise

The red poppy is a symbol of remembrance and hope for the future. Known as the corn poppy, the Flanders poppy flourished in the trenches of war zones. Shrapnel and shells tilled the earth, giving seeds the light they needed to germinate. November is poppy month in Australia, when by wearing the emblem we salute the memory of those who have served.

Poppies are also included in the ubiquitous Aussie phrase, ‘tall poppy syndrome’. It references the idea that poppies should all grow at the same height and speed to maintain the flower crop together. If one poppy becomes taller than the others, it should be cut back down to size. When applied socially the term refers to the practice of “cutting down” those experiencing success.

In this painting, a golden sun marks a peaceful new day as it rises on a field of poppies – of all heights.

DATE: Sun, 24 Jan 2021

TIME: 2:00PM - 5:00PM

18+ Years | BYO

PRICE: $60.00 per seat

Qty Available: 11

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