Mother’s Day: A Thank You to Mums

Apr 29, 2021

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So many of our guests tell us, when they come to our studios to paint, about how they haven’t picked up a paintbrush since they were a kid. But it’s rare that we’ll hear someone say they’ve never painted before. For most of us, our introduction to creativity started at home. As kids we did it all: we painted, drew, built castles, helped cook, read books, problem solved, played. Our creativity was like a ball of pizza dough, being stretched and pulled in every direction.

A smorgasbord of creative choices - Cork & Chroma

Many of us have our mums to thank for this. We understand that this may not be true for everyone, but since it’s Mother’s Day we are honouring the mums and mum-figures in our lives. Our mums not only introduced us to our creative side, but also celebrated it: by clapping and cheering us on, by wearing the painted macaroni necklaces we made, by showcasing our art on the fridge. It was never about being good; it was about the joy of making. Making art, and making memories.

Birds eye view of child painting Peppa Pig - Cork & Chroma Blog

The early years of our lives are crucial to our development; our brain is mostly developed by the time we are five years old! Thanks to our mums, we have those creative roots established deep within us. Maybe you don’t feel like you use your creativity in your day-to-day life, but it’s in you.

Children's toes, bubbles, and a magic wand - Cork & Chroma

Back to the pizza dough for a moment. Our mums kicked off our creativity; they primed it and stretched it out. But now it’s up to us to keep working it. Sometimes our creativity takes a while to reactivate, but it always comes back; the more we knead and massage it, the more it reacts and responds. And so today we take a moment to thank our mums for getting us started. For knowing the value of creativity, sowing those seeds in us, and being our creative cheerleaders along the way.

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