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Cork & Chroma staff

Cork & Chroma was founded on the idea that painting is a fun thing to do, and that everybody can do it. Since then, we’ve also come to understand more about the real wellness benefits associated with the practice of painting. Our mission now is to facilitate positive creative experiences that can be picked up by anybody, whether it be for just one session or in an ongoing home practice.


In other words, our mission goes beyond ‘painting and sipping’.


We want to stretch people’s perception of what creative ability really is, and stoke conversation around the creative process and how to navigate it for ourselves.


We believe in progress through free-thinking, purpose and love.


Founded in 2013 in Brisbane, we now have five studios between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Our company is made up of a team of both self-taught and formally trained artists who believe in the power and joy of sharing a creative experience. The team is led by our founders and directors, Hillary and B.J. Wall, who are based in Brisbane.


Cork & Chroma staff at Little Stanley Street studio

Cork & Chroma staff at St Leonards studio