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Jun 02, 2020

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Like many others during COVID-19 self-isolation, I found a favourite new pastime on my daily walk – chasing rainbows. Being a big fan of all things colourful, I was overjoyed when I saw a glorious hand-drawn rainbow, created by my neighbour, proudly displaying the picture in their front window. As I continued my walk I spotted more and more rainbows. 

I wanted to add a bit more joy to my neighbourhood, just as the rainbow drawing had given to me. That night, I set about creating rainbow decorations for our tree at the front of our house. The following days I could hear excited little humans beckoning their family towards the ‘big rainbow tree’ and counting how many they could find. ‘And there’s a rainbow, and there’s a rainbow, and there’s a RAINBOW!’

Rainbow decoration on tree

Nowadays I have set my sights on a new goal… covering the neighbourhood with these little colourful gestures of joy and hope. If you would like to join me in creating your own pockets of rainbows in your area, you can do so by following the simple steps below.

Rainbow decoration blog post by Cork & Chroma

You will need: 

– Pipe cleaners for the rainbows, colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple pipe cleaners.
– Light blue (or another colour) pipe cleaner for your hanging loop and backing strips.
– Scissors.
– Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks or other strong glue.

Step 1: Glue down your pipe cleaners for your rainbow to your light blue pipe cleaner at a right angle, as pictured below. Keep your colours in order of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 

Rainbow pipe cleaners

Step 2: Once dry, pull down the other end of the purple to overlap your light blue pipe cleaner until you reach the arc shape you are happy with (we recommend keeping this arc small) and glue in place. Continue to pull down remaining colours working back from the purple and finishing with the red and glueing to the light blue pipe cleaner.

Step 3: Once this is dry, use your scissors to cut off the remaining light blue pipe cleaner. Keep the middle piece for the moment, as this helps the rainbow to keep its curvy shape.

How-to make a pipe cleaner rainbow

Pipe cleaner rainbow tutorial
Step 4: Flip your rainbow over so you are working with the back. Glue the remaining light blue pipe cleaner right in the middle of the arc – this will help to support the rainbow’s shape. Create a hanging loop by bending the pipe cleaner back around and glueing in place.

Step 5: Trim off the edges of your pipe cleaners, including the middle light blue piece.

How to make a pipe cleaner rainbow by Cork & Chroma

Pipe cleaner rainbow decorations

And just like magic, you’ve created your first pipe cleaner rainbow! Now, to go and spread the joy… happy rainbow making, friends!

Hanging rainbow pipe cleaner decorations

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