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Sep 10, 2018

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Meet the Idea Machine!

Let’s call it Sparky for short. Sparky is a rare and extraordinary machine that we sourced (just for you!) from the Land of Abundant Ideas. We even had Sparky express posted, since the Land of Abundant Ideas is, as far as we know, inaccessible to humans.

Test Kitchen Idea Machine Creative Prompt

So what’s so great about Sparky? Wellit turns questions into ideas. Are you wanting to create something new, but have no idea what to do? Throw your question Sparky’s way, and it will throw an idea back at you. It may be surprising, whimsical, or plain absurd—but don’t be too quick to discount it. Sparky trusts your creativity and is excited to see where you can take the idea. Sometimes, Sparky even gets so excited that he emits happy puffs of smoke!


Say that Sparky suggests you draw a three-legged fish blowing balloons instead of bubbles. You might take this idea and instead draw a clownfish, or a three-legged table, or a hot air balloon. See what we mean? Sparky won’t be offended if you tailor and tweak its ideas, but it might if you constantly reject them. And we don’t want Sparky to pack up and leave us so soon. Next time you’re stuck for creative inspo (or try it now, just for fun!) ask the Idea Machine. It always has an idea up its sleeve, when we just don’t. So use it! But please don’t abuse it—after all we’re creatives, not mechanics.


Ideas Machine – Special Pondering And Random Knowledge Yielder

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