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Feb 05, 2022

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Melbourne Pride Festival is coming in hot on Sunday, 13th February. The event, delivered by Midsumma Festival, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Victoria. Melbourne’s iconic Gertrude and Smith Streets will come ablaze in colour and sound, transforming into a huge street party featuring live performances, music, circus, community activations and interactive demonstrations—did someone say Cork & Chroma street festival sessions?—to celebrate Victoria’s diverse LGBTQIA+ communities. But long after the glitter settles and the rainbow flags stop waving, the party continues at Cork & Chroma all year round with our Paint Your Inner Fabulous sessions.


Paint Your Inner Fabulous - Cork & Chroma on The Bachelor

Image by Warner Brothers for The Bachelor Australia.


In the wise words of American drag queen RuPaul: “When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.” We all have an inner fabulous. A kween, persona, alter ego—call it what you like, they’re in there, bursting to get out. You may have encountered them before, or perhaps they’ve only pranced around in your imagination. Perhaps you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering what on earth I’m on about. Our imaginations are a source of art and a source of power, and there are no limits to the wonders we can dream up in our minds. And as Walt Disney tells us, “If we can dream it, we can do it.” Our Paint Your Inner Fabulous sessions are the first of their kind, and offer a unique opportunity to unleash your inner queen and give her a moment in the spotlight. Best of all, once the fun is said and done, you get to sashay away with your fabulous inner queen and hang her on the wall as a reminder that she’s right there within you.


Cork & Chroma blog post - Paint Your Inner Fabulous with Drag Queen Art Simone


What to Expect

Our Paint Your Inner Fabulous sessions are a little more flamboyant than our regular painting sessions, but less hectic than a Pride party. We kick off the event with a fabulous performance by one of your city’s iconic drag queens, such as Art Simone, Etcetera Etcetera (who saw Art and Etcetera on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under?), Sellma Soul, Lazy Susan, Simple, Hannah Conda and many more. From there, your drag queen and Cork & Chroma artist will collaborate to show you how to turn your inner fabulous into a masterpiece on canvas, step by step. You’ll learn the basics of painting with acrylic paint on canvas, and apply these tips and techniques as you take your painting in your own fabulously unique direction. Where performance meets painting, connection, cheekiness and celebration, this event will be one to remember for years to come. For a little teaser, check out our largest ever Paint your Inner Queen session below, held in Melbourne, with 100 painters!



Finding Your Fabulous

I’m already fabulous, you’re thinking. Of course you are. If you’ve already reached peak fabulousness, then all you need to do is come along and paint a self portrait. But maybe there’s a side of yourself, a dark side or light side or sad side or bright side, that you’d like to explore in more depth. Since our imaginations are largely modelled from experience, it can be helpful to exaggerate parts of your personality that already exist. Do you have any idiosyncrasies, quirks, physical features or aspects of your personality you love about yourself? If you’re not sure, ask your lover, bestie, or a random painter in the room. Take one or more of those ideas, and then amplify it. After all, in the world of drag, more is more! Is resting bitch face your signature expression? Paint your queen with the restiest, bitchiest face of them all. Are you soft spoken by nature, yet yearn to be heard? Make your inner queen loud and obnoxious, and give her a soapbox and megaphone for good measure. Yassssss kween.


Paint Your Inner Fabulous with Cork & Chroma


So come one and come all: rally your people, your tribe, your queens, and book in to Paint Your Inner Fabulous in your local studio in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. Strap yourselves in and get ready for a riot, a whole lot of sass and a whole lot of fun. Dress up if you feel like it, but please leave the ball gown at home—we’ll be painting after all! In these sessions, expression of any and all kinds is welcome and encouraged. Come as you are, with your favourite bottle of wine, ready for a good time. And to quote RuPaul one more time…

“Good luck, and don’t fuck it up.”


Paint Your Inner Fabulous - Drag Queen Art Simone and Cork & Chroma

Image by Warner Brothers for The Bachelor Australia.



Ready to book? Check out our street festival sessions in collaboration with Melbourne Pride Festival here. For in-studio sessions, check out the calendar and pin the date for the next Paint Your Inner Fabulous event in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Happy painting!

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