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Vino and Vine is our take on a classic, saturated still life. It’s an updated version of a wine glass themed piece that we have painted in the studio, with a rich, rustic color palette that may make you want to go to the cellar and pick something special to sip!

The impressionistic style of this painting lends itself to practice texture and movement in the brush strokes. You could paint this one several times over and never end up with the same results twice! Go on, get some grapes out of the fridge, pour a glass, let’s get to painting.


Canvas: 30x40cm, portrait

Paint Colours: White, Warm Yellow, Brown, Black, Warm Blue, Cool Red, Green

Brushes: Large flat brush, small flat brush, small round brush

Video Details:

Artist: Hillary Wall

Duration: 59 minutes

Access Period: 72 hours

$30.00 for 72 hours access

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