No Time? No Problem, With This Quick Creative Exercise

Jan 15, 2018

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There are times when we may have ourselves convinced that we are just too busy to fit in time for creativity (sound familiar?). But we reckon in just two minutes a day, we can beat the clock and squeeze that time in for self-expression before breakfast, on the bus, or just after the kiddos are tucked into bed.

Daily Drawing Prompts by Test Kitchen blog

Let’s be honest; we ALL have two minutes of wriggle room in our day. If you believe that your schedule doesn’t allow for creative time, this exercise is perfect for you. All you need to do is dedicate two meagre minutes of your day, every day, to cultivate a new creative habit (and prove yourself wrong!).


This exercise is also valuable for those of us who want to include creativity in our lives, but feel as though we lack inspiration, or don’t know where to start. These prompts provide that starting point, so the only thing left to do is respond to the stimulus. Within a week, you’ll have six original doodles on hand. The second week (go ahead, take one day off…) take two minutes each day to go back and add colour to your drawings, or pick your favourite ones to recreate larger or with a different material. Can you squeeze in any extra time?


We often find that these little prompts spark new ideas. Whatever you do, don’t let these sparks fizzle out! Blow on your sparks, and stoke them a little every day. Two minutes of consistency every day really is all it takes. Tend to your creative fire, and soon you may just find yourself ablaze with inspiration.



Test Kitchen blog Beat the Clock Activity Worksheet

Test Kitchen blog Daily Drawing Activity Worksheet


Ready to Beat the Clock? Download our Daily Drawing Prompts activity sheet and you’ll never be short on creative time!

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