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QUIZ: Which Creative Medium Are You?


Cork & Chroma Test Kitchen Quiz What creative Medium are you
Do you ever feel the need to get arty but you’re not sure where to begin, or even which medium is right for you?

Never fear—the TK Team have got your back! Take this nifty little quiz to find out which creative medium suits you best, complete with Pinterest boards to kickstart your creative journey to ‘destination inspiration’!

Whether you’re drawn to clay, painting, photography, drawing or collage, there’s a medium for everyone. Use this quiz as your creative launchpad and see where the medium takes you!
**Disclaimer: living with the ‘creative condition’ can be addictive and there’s no known cure. Side effects may result as the insatiable desire to keep creating. You have been warned!


My approach on life is to...

The most important component of making art is...

I am most inspired by...

On the weekend, I...

2D or 3D?

You’ve just moved to a new town, what do you do first?

How would your friends or family describe you?

How do you approach solving problems?

What kind of creative work environment do you thrive in?

What's your go to social media app?


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