Drink. Paint. Just don’t drink the paint.

Cork & Chroma – your next creative night out.

In a relaxed, social setting at our studios, take on the basic techniques of painting with acrylics on canvas. One of our Cork & Chroma artists leads each session with step by step instruction and plenty of room for your own personalised touches.  No artistic experience required (we promise!).  By the end of the night, even the self proclaimed “non creatives” will have created a 40x50cm masterpiece to take home.

Check out The Calendar in your city to choose your painting and book today.  See ya soon in the studio.



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Tiki Torches website

Clay Play: Tiki Torches (Week 1 of 2) : 3 July 2017

Brisbane: Mon 03 Jul

Our newest Clay Play project!

Come over and let’s make things with our hands.  Create a little tiki torch to keep you company on your desk at the office, guard the spices in your cupboard, keep your tea lights in line, or oversee things from your bookshelf.


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