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Rainbow Fantasy Dream Leopard Box Kit x Bonnie Hislop

When magical powers combine, nothing can stop the power of creativity! We’ve collaborated with Bonnie Hislop to put together a perfect painting experience for you at home. Pour yourself a cuppa, grab a bottle of your favorite tipple or grab your water bottle and hydrate, it’s time to create!

Be inspired by Bonnie’s iconic ceramics and create your own version of a magical dream big kitty. Along with the step by step instruction, all art supplies and a Painting Basics Booklet, you’ll find you’ve been blessed with an exclusive Bonnie Hislop sticker that proclaims you as the arty “Star of the week!”.

Once you’ve created your space cat, make sure to upload your creation to #corkandchroma – we want to see what you’ve made!


The box comes equipped with everything you’ll need to create your piece and our Cork & Chroma Painting Basics Booklet to help get you started. The instructions are designed for beginners, so follow along closely or go wild and branch out! Your piece is easily customised (and repeated!) by changing the colour palette or adding your own personal touches.


Blast off! Dream big and paint with flair. Have fun, and happy painting!


Okay so what’s inside the box?

  • Eight 18ml non-toxic acrylic paint tubes
  • Set of four acrylic paintbrushes
  • Aluminium round well palette
  • One round 20cm diameter canvas
  • Two paint pens (metallic gold and black)
  • Step by step instructions for the rainbow big kitty
  • Cork & Chroma Painting Basics Booklet
  • Bonnie Hislop special sticker


Want more inspo?

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Grab a copy of our book, PAINT – A Step-By-Step Guide To Your Painting Journey.



TITLE: Rainbow Fantasy Dream Leopard Box Kit x Bonnie Hislop


SIZE / DIMENSIONS: 41 × 31 × 14 cm

PRICE: $89.00

Qty Available: 8