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Creative Diary Craft Starter Kit

Caution: this starter kit might just change your life. Your creative wonderland awaits on the other side of that button down there, and we’ve put together the pack that will get you started. Seriously, this is exactly what we use and now it’s time to share this starter pack with you!

Picture this: a creative diary that’s not just a diary – it’s an enchanted realm where your creative process thrives, with no bounds, no start, and no end. It’s like a magical forest where your ideas, collages, paintings, and dreams live and breathe. Say goodbye to fleeting thoughts of “I should be more creative,” and hello to a permanent sanctuary for your imagination to play, explore, and evolve.

In a world obsessed with perfection, we’re flipping the script. This Diary celebrates the journey, not just the destination. Dive into your art, collage with reckless abandon, slap on paint, and glue and stick like a creative wizard. In the diary, there’s no judgment, no critics, just unbridled joy in every creative whim you pursue. It welcomes every shade of your creative brilliance. It’s a place where all your expressions – the dazzling, the daring, the messy, and the marvellous – find their rightful home. Let your creativity be your guide, and let your diary be the canvas that captures it all.

🎁 Inside Your Creative Diary Starter Pack: 🎁

✨ A limitless Creative Diary – Your personal playground for writing, collaging, painting, and sticking your creative wonders. 160 A4 pages of Premium Envirocare 150GSM stock, designed for almost every medium.

✨ The Brush Clutch – This little clutch is the perfect sidekick for your diary, and you can bring all your special tools around with you. We’ve also stuffed it with a treasure trove of quirky decorations to kickstart your creative escapades.

✨ Crafting scissors & glue stick

✨ Eight assorted beautiful shades of alcohol dual tip art markers

✨ custom C&C sticker sheet – Transform your diary into a masterpiece with a sheet of fabulous stickers that shout “I’m an artist, baby!”

✨ Creative Diary Prompts  – Ignite your imagination with mixed media prompts that guide you through an incredible journey of self-expression and exploration. These prompts are curated by C&C Founder and practitioner of art therapy, Hillary Wall, and are based off of how she (and her special peeps) actually use their diaries in real life.

Push the button, crack the notebook and get creating. You won’t regret it, and once you start, you’ll be unstoppable!

TITLE: Creative Diary Craft Starter Kit



PRICE: $125.00