A Crafternoon with Eddy and Amy

Jul 21, 2020

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Upon hearing the news that Melbourne is in lockdown again, my friend Amy and I decided to continue our plans for a crafternoon making earrings but make it a virtual date instead.

We chose to use this time to play with different materials and experiment. Not worrying whether we finish anything or even wear what we make!

We are both big fans of large and loud earrings and we love colour, texture and sparkly things. We are what I like to call ‘Creative Magpies’ (AKA hoarders). We each have an abundant collection of trims and fabric off-cuts, sequins and googly eyes. Pom poms, bottle caps and wool. (You never know when you might need a plastic sushi soy sauce fish!) All the things that come in handy for a crafternoon session at home.

Supplies for Eddy and Amy's Crafternoon

As it turns out, we were both missing a few essential pieces. Amy didn’t have earring hooks and I didn’t have felt. And so we decided to do a little craft package swop. This allowed us to swop some basic items that we needed plus some extra bits and bobs for inspiration.

Craft Package for Eddy and Amy's Crafternoon
Craft Package ready for Eddy and Amy's Crafternoon

The day began with me riding my bike to Amy’s house to swop the packages (contact-free). It felt like I was on a secret joy-sparking craft mission.

Eddy and Amy's Crafternoon craft Package Swop

We set up on our separate kitchen tables with our craft supplies, hot glue gun, pliers, scissors and cups of tea. Then we logged onto Zoom and proceeded to take turns unwrapping our craft packages. Excitedly describing the ideas as they come flooding into our heads.

Eddy opening her Craft Package for some Crafternoon fun.

Amy opening her craft package to kick off a fun Crafternoon.

I was immediately taken by some faux fleurs that Amy had gifted me. I began heating up my glue gun right away to get those babies assembled. Amy was excited by the pink metallic angel hair that I had nestled in her package so she began hand sewing tufts of it onto some felt patches.

Eddy making earrings during the Crafternoon

Amy's earrings she made during the Crafternoon.

Crafternoon details. Pom poms, pipe cleaners, chain and thread.

We had a lovely afternoon. Our approach was ‘let’s just play’ we used the time to test ideas and not worry if we didn’t like what we made. And it didn’t matter if we didn’t finish our earrings because we were ‘definitely doing this again!’.

Amy's Crafternoon earrings with pom poms and googly eyes. Cork & Chroma

Whether you are in lockdown or have an afternoon free this week. I highly recommend adding ‘cr’ to the beginning of that word and booking in a friend for a good old’ yarn and play. We chose to make earrings but perhaps you want to glue bits and bobs to some paper and make a collage. If you feel like it, why not create some little craft packages for each other. Be sure to include a few surprise items for fun!

Happy crafting, Friends!

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