April Fools in a painting

May 28, 2021

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Hey, is that a cow jumping over the moon? That looks like Marge Simpson taking a bath! Oh look! It’s Where’s Wally!

There’s something playful about painting. As an adult, if you haven’t painted for many years; sitting down in front of a canvas with a rainbow of colours on your palette and a paintbrush in hand can evoke joyful memories of painting when you were a kid. Back when times were simple and painting was something you loved doing because it was fun.

Well, we have good news for you! Painting is still fun, and it’s available to you whenever you are ready to play.

Cow jumping over the moon in Cork & Chroma Oasis paintingSummer Dayze by Erin in Brisbane


Where's Wally on Cork & Chroma's Bondi Birdseye paintingBondi Birdseye by Laura in Brisbane

In April this year, we decided to add an extra layer of playfulness to our sessions for our artists and our guests. We held a little competition amongst our Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne teams. Each session, the artist could add a little ‘April Fool’ into their painting. A little detail that is not usually there. For example, a man in the moon or an animal shape formed in a cloud.

Our team loved this challenge. They came up with so many clever and unexpected ideas for their paintings. Some of our guests got involved too and added extra elements and narratives to their paintings. Below are a few examples of the clever creativity of our talented team. These paintings remind us that painting stokes our imagination. It invites our Inner child to come out and play.

A Hare in the Cork & Chroma Hinterland paintingHinterland by Erin in Brisbane


Wicked Witch of the East in a Cork & Chroma paintingIn the Vineyard by Chelsea in Brisbane


Aquarium in a Cork & Chroma Bespoke paintingBespoke Romance by Mythra in Melbourne


Harvest time April fools at Cork & ChromaFields of Gold by Martin in Melbourne


New York stroll for April Fools Cork & ChromaParisian Stroll by Mythra in Melbourne


Marge taking a bath for April Fools Cork & ChromaDo Not Disturb by Tom in Melbourne


Hawaii post card for April Fools Cork & ChromaOasis by Erin in Brisbane


Life Saver for April Fools Cork & ChromaHow Apeeling by Amy Vo in Brisbane

If you’re keen to see where your imagination will take you in a painting, come to a session. Our team of artists are experienced and helpful when it comes to coaxing your inner child to come out and play.

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