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Don’t Think You Could Paint This? Beach, Please

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Ah, the joys of painting. An iconic creative expression, a revered talent, and to many, a total mystery. Cork & Chroma studios are top notch when it comes to breaking down the steps and making painting accessible to everyone. But if you haven’t been able to catch a session in studio yet, you can try your hand at putting brush to canvas in this simple beach scene. Paint along with the video below and add your own flair as you go to see where the brush leads you. Inevitably, you’ll surprise yourself.

The thing to remember is that there is absolutely no wrong way. And there’s really no good excuse not to give it a go. If you don’t own paints, see what you can do with some coloured pencils, or crayons that you might have laying around. No canvas? Grab some printer paper, or draw on the back of your paper grocery bag. Are you stuck at work? Challenge yourself with making the most beautiful beach scene ever created only by office supplies (a bright neon highlighter sunset sounds delightful…). Be resourceful, sometimes the most unexpected elements pack the biggest punch.

Have you painted your own peachy beachy scene? Share it with us on the Test Kitchen Facebook Page! We would love to see your take on this sweet little vista.






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