A Rookie’s Guide To Setting Up A Creative Space

Feb 28, 2018

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Test Kitchen's art supplies for a creative space
Use what you have and have what you’ll use, to keep your space minimal and full of resources.


“If you build it, they will come” is a phrase that doesn’t just apply to Kevin Costner and his ghostly baseball team. We’ve found the first thing you need to carve out a regular creative practice is a dedicated space for ‘making’. Build your own creative space and your muses may appear in your own field of dreams, just like Shoeless Joe Jackson.


We get such a kick out of seeing other creative spaces (and thought you might too!) so we’ve put together a series that features creative individuals in their own spaces for making. These ‘creatives’ share their insider tips; from how they organise their spaces, to their favourite buys and sources of inspiration.


You can carve out your own space for making anywhere you like; the garage would do, or a corner of your room. You don’t need to splash out on a dedicated studio space, especially if you’re just starting out as a hobby. Ideally, your space for making will be somewhere that you enjoy spending time, and where your creative flow won’t be constantly interrupted. It is your own happy little bubble; where you can close off from the world, and give yourself permission to experiment and make a mess.  Allow yourself plenty of time for each ‘making’ session, because once you find your creative flow, it can be very difficult to stop!


Below is our starter checklist for creating your own space for making:

– A desk, table, bench or easel
– Art supplies and tools (brushes/pens/pencils/paint, etc)
– Comfy chair
– Natural light


Optional extras:

– Corkboard (a place to pin all your brilliant ideas and inspo)
– Plants (it’s proven: they make you feel more focused and creative!)


The most important thing is to start with what you have and collect the extra bits and supplies over time. If you wait until your space is perfect, you may never begin. Decorate your space to reflect what inspires you, so you look forward to spending time there. We recommend scouring garage sales, flea markets, and council pick-ups for supplies to get you started. For creative inspiration, try collecting postcards or tearing out magazine images/ printouts of artists that light you up!

How to set up your Creative Space Test Kitchen
Surround your space with elements that inspire you.

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