Family Painting Sessions: Fun for Everyone

Sep 17, 2021

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With school holidays upon us, it’s time to start thinking about ways to entertain the little ones and connect as a family. Those active little minds and bodies need plenty of stimulation, and our family painting sessions are one school holiday activity that’s sure to be a hit with the whole fam. Painting is a wonderful activity for kids because it exercises their imagination and creativity while providing little lessons in patience, problem-solving and acceptance along the way. And most importantly, it’s really fun!


Lionheart Family Paint Session at Cork & Chroma


How does it work?

Our family painting sessions run for two hours, and we paint on fun size 25 x 30cm canvases to suit those smaller hands and attention spans! Every family member paints along on their own canvas, and everyone leaves with a finished artwork at the end! All sessions include step by step guidance from one of our experienced Cork & Chroma artists; you can follow their instruction to a tee, or personalise your painting with your favourite colours and custom touches! We know that kids (and adults) have soaring imaginations—who are we to get in the way?


School Holiday Activity - Painting Dinosaurs at Cork & Chroma


No mess family fun

This is one school holiday activity where you don’t have to worry about the mess! All of the arty bits and bobs you will need for your family painting session are provided, and at the end of it our cleaning fairies magic all of the painterly expression away (okay, we’re the cleaning fairies). All you need to worry about is your own painting, and helping us support your little ones through their painting experience.

That said, painting can still be messy business, especially when you’re not used to working with it. Although we provide all painters with adjustable artist aprons, we recommend not dressing your kids up in their Sunday best, unless you’re specifically looking to make some colourful alterations.


Kid's Shoes Under a Cork & Chroma Apron


Everyone can join in 

No matter where you are based, this school holiday activity can be enjoyed by everyone. Come along to one of our studio sessions, or join one of our online family painting sessions and paint along from the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world. If you’re ready and raring to go, we are collaborating with My Little Pony and will be painting ponies in studio and online this school holidays! You won’t want to miss this one—meet the ponies you’ll be painting here!

Rally the fam bam and clear some space on your walls for some fresh masterpieces! This is one family memory you get to appreciate for years to come.

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