Imperfection is Perfection for this Easy Doodling Activity

Mar 04, 2018

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Sometimes you just need to start somewhere, anywhere! Kickstart your creative process by following our steps below and creating these fun Peekfree Doodles. We find them a total mood booster, and often surprise ourselves with our scribbles. At the very least, they are sure to produce a giggle or two!

Peakfree Doodles Creative Activity Test Kitchen

Why Peekfree? Resisting the temptation to look at our drawing stops us from judging what we create, as we create it. We have no idea where our pen is, what our squiggles and lines look like, or how they are interacting on the paper. Although it’s only 60 seconds, we end up with a finished product that is completely untarnished by our inner self-critic, who, ordinarily, would be busy declaring all of the ‘flaws’ and imperfections in our work.


It is these exact imperfections and irregularities that bring out the most delight in this exercise. So, your fish may be swimming through the sky, or your reflection may not be wearing glasses at quite the same angle as you are. Perfect. Consider it a job well done.


Did we mention this exercise only takes 60 seconds? Try a Peekfree as you boil the kettle for your morning coffee. Better yet, sketch the kettle as it boils. Do you have a technique as you draw? Maybe you start from the bottom and make your way up, finishing at the top with a ribbon of steam. Maybe you start in the middle and work your way out. Maybe you have no method and just go for it. We only have one rule: no peeking!



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DOWNLOAD our Peekfree Doodles Activity Sheet below, and you’ll never be short of a creative boost!




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