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Mar 25, 2020

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We often hear it in our studios; “Oh, I couldn’t draw that” or “I definitely won’t be able to paint this” and look, we totally get it. We understand that sometimes looking at an already completed artwork is pretty daunting and that it’s hard to know where to even begin. But young grasshopper, do not despair, you have all the tools you need to go far, so don’t let the thought of drawing (or painting) overwhelm you.


All artists start with some basic shapes when they draw from scratch. We start with circles for the head, the joints, parts of the bodies and these are usually connected by squares, triangles or even a rectangle or two.  Everything around us can be broken down and simplified, whether that be into basic shapes, line by line or even just section by section. So take a look… is your subject rounded with circular features, it is angular and pointy? Can you see squares or triangles or even a rainbow or two?


Think about how a child might explain it – simple and straightforward with a dash of wonder. Whatever helps you see those lines and shapes. This is a great starting point for any drawing exercise, and once you start looking at everything and the shapes it holds, you can draw until your heart’s content! You can use this process anywhere, anytime and with any tools around you have on hand. In fact, we’ve created a nifty worksheet to get you started creating a handful of cute little critters, line by line, shape by shape. Just take a look a this little octopus coming to life with each additional detail.

How to draw an octopus - Drawing 101 Worksheet by Cork & Chroma

So next time you want to draw something, and before your dismiss your own talents, just think about it for a moment. Take a deep breath, roll those shoulders out and in the words of one of our favourite artists, Bob Ross, “Just give it a go!”


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