How to Prepare for Your Painting Session

Aug 20, 2019

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You’re booked in! You’re coming! Wonderful. We can’t wait to meet you, or welcome you back to the studio. If it’s your very first time painting with us, here are some handy things to note prior to coming in for your session.


What to Wear

We are a paint and sip studio, and needless to say when these delightful elements combine, spills can happen. While most of our guests manage to leave the studio splatter-free, we can’t guarantee that you won’t leave the doors a little more colourful than you came in. We have aprons on hand to help protect your clothes, but best leave your favourite ball gown at home if you’re not ready for it to be upcycled. We recommend comfy, casual clothes and appropriate footwear so you can get your groove on at any time. Bonus points if you dress to the theme. Painting Paris? Bring along that beret hidden at the bottom of your dress-up box. Or let the paintings spark your imagination in other ways. Maybe you’d like to paint your pet goldfish instead of the fish in Acting Koi, or maybe you want to swap out the Jacaranda tree in Purple Shade for a paperbark, or your Hills Hoist. The possibilities are endless!


What to Bring

We are a BYO only studio, so bring along some nibbles and your favourite bottle of wine (or beer/cider if you prefer). We like to keep things simple, so please leave your spirits, mixers and cocktail shakers at home! We’ve got your glassware covered, so no need to worry about that. If alcohol isn’t your jam, feel free to swap it out for juice or kombucha, or help yourself to cold water from the fridge or our self-serve tea. If you’re bringing nibbles, please bring along anything you need to enjoy these – plates, cutlery and napkins.


What to Leave Behind

Our public sessions are 18+ unless stated otherwise, so please leave your kids at home unless you’ve booked into an all ages or family session. Please leave your dog, cat, and pet goldfish at home too, they’ll be happier there. Invisible friends and painting muses welcome.


Self-expression of any sort can leave even the most experienced painters feeling a little vulnerable, so we encourage you to leave any doubts or disclaimers you might have about your creativity at the door! Drop them there and watch them slowly roll towards the curb as you paint the night (or day) away. Come along with an open, positive mindset and let us take care of the rest.


See you soon!


Cork & Chroma paintings hanging in illustrated frames

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