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May 13, 2022

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Hot off the press, PAINT – The Book is our written embodiment of a classic Cork & Chroma studio experience, and the first paint and sip book of its kind. Just like in one of our studio sessions, the book begins with an introduction to some tools and basic painting techniques to help you ‘get set’ before starting on the paintings themselves. The latter half of the book is chock full of twenty (yes, TWENTY) of our most beloved Cork & Chroma paintings – and a sprinkling of new ones created especially for this book. It’s a real smorgasbord of choice and challenge, with something in there for everyone. 


PAINT the Book blog post - cover of PAINT by Cork & Chroma

PAINT the book painting gallery - Cork & Chroma


Though it may be tempting to dive straight into the paintings, we recommend reading through the first section of the book beforehand – especially if you’re new to painting. It’s a bit like warming up before an event. Picture a swimmer preparing for a race. The whistle blows. On your marks… the swimmer steps up to the block. They might swing their arms, do a quick stretch, or jump up and down a few times to release any tension. Get set… the swimmer prepares to dive, eyes trained ahead, muscles taught and ready. Go! The swimmer leaps off the platform and into the water, using the momentum from their dive to ease into the first few strokes of their race. 

These moments of preparation offer focus, propulsion, and momentum, without which it’s almost impossible to get started. These moments can make or break a swimmer’s race – and the same thing goes with painting. Once a painter has done their stretches (literally or metaphorically, we’ll leave that up to you) and are armed with their painting tools and know-how, it’s time to begin their own race, in their own time. And to stretch this swimming analogy just one step further: when it comes to painting, it’s important to stay in your own lane. Don’t worry about what’s going on in the lanes beside you, just focus on your own practice and keep on swimming, one stroke at a time. 


Brushstrokes in PAINT the book - blog post by Cork & Chroma

Painters Affirmation from Cork & Chroma's PAINT the Book


As mentioned above, there are twenty delicious paintings sandwiched between PAINT’s peachy cover to suit all sorts of tastes. There are exotic destinations, landscapes, desertscapes, still lives, flora and fauna – the list goes on! This collection comprises paintings we have painted and cherished for years in studio and online with our guests: they are our all-stars, our fan favourites, the crème de la crème. Among the lineup you’ll find our iconic Parisian Stroll, arguably our most popular and celebrated painting to date, luminous Moonlit Blossoms, a steadfast presence on our calendar since Cork & Chroma’s inception, and Bespoke Romance, a beloved favourite of our artists and guests alike.


Bespoke Romance Painting Steps from PAINT the Book by Cork & Chroma

Bespoke Romance details - PAINT the book blog post by Cork & Chroma


We’re proud of this collection: each piece has earned its forever home in these pages. There are loose and impressionistic paintings, refined and technical paintings, contemporaries and classics. Their arrangement is intentional: those at the beginning of the book have simpler designs and involve more basic painting techniques, while those towards the end offer more of a challenge for those seeking it. As you paint, you build upon your skillset, collecting a few tricks up your sleeve that will come in handy for those paintings towards the end of the book. All paintings are accompanied by step-by-step imagery and guidance, and are designed to be achievable by beginner and experienced painters alike in approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the size of your canvas and how many times you stop to admire your work/make a snack/phone a friend/pat your dog. 


Glossy Gumballs painting from PAINT the Book by Cork & Chroma

Glossy Gumballs exclusive painting in PAINT the book - Cork & Chroma blog post


If PAINT – The Book wasn’t extra enough — with its pearlescent lettering, pastel aesthetic and jazzy blue ribbon — we’ve thrown in some bonus, never-before seen paintings created exclusively for this book. We’re really excited about these ones; not only are they fresh AF, they’re our little bonus gift, our thank-you offering to those who purchased the book. First up is Blue City, inspired by the winding pot-studded stairwell in Chefchaouen, northwest Morocco; this painting is best enjoyed with an uncharted amount of time, so you can lose yourself in the painting and stumble upon its delights, just as you might while exploring the city. Then there’s Piña Colada, a deconstructed cocktail of summery tropical fruit, and Whale of a Time, which captures a beautiful whale mid-breach, flopping back into the sea with a big splash. Our very last painting in the book is Glossy Gumballs; a nostalgic, playful, colourful take on a childhood favourite. These bonus paintings require a little more time and skill, and are perfect for those looking to take their painting practice up a notch.


Whale of a time exclusive painting in PAINT the book - Cork & Chroma blog post


Whether you’re brand new to painting or an experienced artist looking for ideas and inspo, PAINT – The Book has you covered. It’s twenty Cork & Chroma sessions rolled in one, and your one stop shop for painting tips, tricks, and techniques. Follow each step closely to recreate the painting as it stands, or simply use it as a springboard for your own creative ideas. And, if you feel comfortable doing so, share your painting process with us. We would love to see what you’re creating, and to cheer you along in your painting journey!


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