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Happy Painting episode 1 cover image - City Silhouette by Cork & Chroma

Welcome to Happy Painting, our paint and sip streaming series!


Here we explore the basics of painting step by step with acrylics, in one hour, paint-along episodes. Watch a new painting come to life each episode, accompanied by insight, guidance and tips from Cork & Chroma founder and artist Hillary Wall. Filmed in our flagship studio in Brisbane, Australia, the painterly conversation goes further than possible in a public paint and sip session, and is a next step for keen paint and sippers, or those who want to paint in the privacy of their own home. 

Enjoy learning about paint in a relaxed environment, and gain access into the decision making process that a painter inevitably faces. Paint along solo, host a paint and sip party, or simply enjoy watching the transformation from a blank canvas to a finished painting. 


Moonrise on Water uses high contrast and silhouette to achieve an effective, painterly piece. With only two colours plus black and white, it’s a lovely piece for someone who is just starting out on their painting journey, or someone who may just want to paint a piece that they’ll feel relaxed throughout the process.

This painting focuses on blended, smooth brush strokes, and organic shapes in the landscape, with no right or wrong approach. Change the colour palette, or adjust the shapes to suit a landscape you’re familiar with to personalise your painting.


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Canvas: 40x50cm, portrait

Paint Colours: White, Black, Warm Blue, Purple

Brushes: Large flat brush, small flat brush, small round brush

Video Details:

Artist: Hillary Wall

Duration: 59 minutes

Access Period: 72 hours

$30.00 for 72 hours access

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