Creative Ideas: Bridle Your Backbiter And Slay Your Self-Doubt

Jul 26, 2018

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You’ve probably seen this scaly serpent, who slithers through our creative conscience preying on unsuspecting victims. Left to her own devices, this monster will strike where it hurts the most: our creative confidence. Her poison can spread dangerously if you’re not equipped with the right antivenom.


The Backbiter

Test Kitchen's Creative Monster, Backbiter, the Self Doubt Serpent

Bio: Backbiter is a slippery serpent who slides into your creative process unexpectedly, making you question if you have what it takes to bring the idea to life. Backbiter is stealthy in her slither and bite. She nibbles away at your creativity canisters leaving small holes of doubt in her wake, causing depletion of creative confidence.


Symptoms: Second-guessing decisions, a sense of dread or failure, negative self-talk, paralysis by analysis and/or avoidance of the project. Other symptoms could include phrases going through your head, such as “I don’t even know what’s good anymore”, “I’m not good enough”, or, if you’re suffering from Backbiter’s most venomous bite, your inner voice may croak, “I am totally shit at this”. Though Backbiter lives in everyone’s creative conscience, she can be quite dangerous to a creative mind and must be identified and stopped in her scaly tracks at the earliest possible moment in the creative process.


Antidote: The presence of Backbiter is an inevitable and unavoidable part of the human creative condition, but we can minimise the amount of venom in each of the serpent’s nibbly bites. Self-doubt is natural, but we have found that this Creative Visualisation can help you identify and banish your inner self-critic for good!


Quote:  “Perfectionism is just fear in really good shoes.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Author

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