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Feb 17, 2021

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No two paintings are the same in our studios.

Yes, our painting sessions are guided step-by-step but there are no dot-to-dots or pre-mixed paints. We offer simple instructions and suggestions for how to create a certain scene and you get to play and interpret what we say in your own way.

It is amazing to witness peoples creativity in action. Guests are often surprised by how different everyone’s paintings turn out, even though they are following the same steps, each painting is completely unique.

Pictured throughout this post are some wonderful examples of what guests have painted in session based on our original Cork & Chroma paintings. We hope you enjoy seeing the fun, creative and inspiring ways our guests have interpreted these pieces.

Grecian Gateway painting by guest at Cork & Chroma

Desert Dreaming painting by guest at Cork & Chroma

We liken painting to handwriting, each of us naturally have our own style. The way we hold the brush, the way we flick our wrist and move across the canvas. The way we look at things and think about things is different and painting is an obvious example of this. There is no hiding with painting, it’s your artistic fingerprint out there on display, part of your personality uncovered and expressed in a creative way on canvas.

There is only so much we can control when we are painting. Sometimes green paint is accidentally swiped into our sky. Sometimes there’s a water drip running right down the middle, leaving the canvas exposed in its wake. Sometimes we change our mind and paint yellow flowers instead of pink. There are so many little events and thoughts taking place, problem-solving and decision making. It’s not like paint-by-numbers it’s more like paint with the flow of your personal experience.

Pancake Stack painting by guest at Cork & Chroma

Ray of Light painting by a guest at Cork & Chroma

Some people turn up to our sessions wanting to replicate our example paintings exactly as they are. And others have no intention of painting what we are painting. Whatever your trajectory, just note that things will probably not end up how you expect.Arabian Nights painting by a guest at Cork & Chroma

Next time you come to a session, make sure you walk around the room and see what other guests have created. If you see something you like, offer a compliment or ask how they came to paint like that. There are always interesting stories and lessons to learn behind our art.

Happy painting!

Faces of Frida painting by a guest at Cork & Chroma

Floral shadows painting by a guest at Cork & Chroma

Pottering Around painting by a guest at Cork & Chroma

Plant on Pink painting by a guest at Cork & Chroma


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