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Jan 02, 2018

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Cork & Chroma's Founder and Creative Director Hillary Wall



Hillary is a cappuccino in the winter and iced latte in the summer kind of person.  She’s big on the combination of peanut butter with chocolate, and long walks with her family and dog, Trudy.  Eternally inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga, Hillary is intrigued by the concept of reinvention, the surreal and the unexpected.  Usually you can find Hillary up to her elbows in acrylic, but since having her first baby she’s started dabbling in digital painting (much cleaner!) She’s working on rush-free living, and prefers to view the world through the lenses of her rose coloured glasses.

Cork & Chroma's Head of Marketing Chloe Newby



Moving and shaking, you’ll find Chloé in the creative capital south of the border, Melbourne. It’s true that she was once known as ‘Lightning’, a sentiment to her snappy pace. And whilst she’s efficient, Chloé is all about that delicate dance for balance.  Her daily routine goes a little like this; strong soy flat white in the AM, happy hustling by day, gym class to keep it all in check, and wind down to a crisp rosé. When there’s a little downtime she can be found blissing out to her favourite music (currently jamming to Tash Sultana but maintains a soft spot for Frank Ocean) and reducing her carbon footprint, purchasing one secondhand designer item at a time on eBay.

Cork & Chroma's Content Lead Amy Davidson



Amy’s favourite pastime is snuggles with her magical black kitten, Trixie Cosmica. She believes creativity is a powerful tool for self-expression and getting in touch with the magic in the world! She’s a keen advocate for bio glitter and would also like you to know (as a half-Scottish person) that unicorns are in fact the national animal for Scotland. She, therefore, argues that this is indeed proof they existed a very long time ago and have most probably gone into hiding. She has a weakness for chocolate and is exhilarated by immersive theatre, playfulness and going treasure hunting at flea markets.

Cork & Chroma's Communication & Culture Lead Eddy Tait


AKA Mama Banana. A rare breed, she can be found in coffee shops sketching her latest ideas, roaming around art galleries or hidden away in her studio creating something new. Colourful, eccentric and a lover of bananas and travelling but not with bananas. Eddy’s traits include ever-changing hairstyles, terrible singing and her laugh is not far from a cackle. She loves to dance, explore, cook and create with a dash of yoga and nature appreciation to balance things out. Hello Libra! Her latest obsessions include Grace Jones, prawns, leopards, ultramarine blue and catsuits (mostly worn altogether).

Cork & Chroma's Senior Content Creator Erin Corstiaans



Erin is a tactile kinda girl, who enjoys playing with thick layers of paint, kinetic sand, and bubble wrap. Although she’s usually seen slathering acrylic on canvas, she also dabbles in watercolour, gouache, and more recently, clay. In writing and in art, Erin delights in the details and draws much of her inspiration from nature and her travels. When she’s not dreaming of her next adventure, you can find Erin buzzed on lattés, or waiting for her paintings to dry.Cork & Chroma's Senior Content Creator Erin Corstiaans



Ann is an avid traveller and theme-park junkie, and not necessarily in that order.  Her favourite ride is Space Mountain and she would love to tick off all the Disney parks around the world.  She is drawn to bright colours, abstract prints, and bold sparkly textures.  Ann likes to make ALL of the things, from pom-pom-and-pipe-cleaner headpieces to felt terrariums.  With a hot glue gun in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, she’s ready to inspire you with all things handmade.

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