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Jul 08, 2019

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You know that feeling when you start talking about something that inspires you? Your voice climbs higher in pitch and words spill from your mouth a little quicker. Your heart races and find yourself smiling uncontrollably. That feeling right there is special and it’s more often than not – it’s contagious.

These symptoms of undeniable inspiration are what I felt at a recent Cork & Chroma Content Team meeting. We conducted an exercise where each team member had to share three Instagram accounts we love to follow and why. In sharing our musings, it felt like we were exposing a part of ourselves that others may not usually see. It was like looking through each other’s inspiration binoculars for a moment. Our personalities were clearly on show and I found myself thinking, ‘Oh yeah, I can see why that would inspire you, Erin. I love that about you!’.


As a creative team, it was gratifying to see the variety of ways we fuel our inspiration and this created a unique connection between us. I left the meeting feeling invigorated, inspired and with a list of new accounts to explore. As Chloé said, ‘There’s something really nice about sharing things that you like with like-minded others.’


We’ve compiled the list of Instagram accounts shared for you to peruse below – a delightful mix of quirky, artistic, informative, personal and empowering content to indulge in.  So, without further ado – from one creative to another, I hope you find yourself a generous dose of inspiration, right here.



Chloé’s Instagram Musings:


Laura Jeffares Florist/Stylist is a true flower child, creating beautiful floral arrangements and hairstyling for weddings, events and occasions – Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
Laura Jeffares Instagram post Test Kitchen Blog

Image detail: ‘Pick flowers not fights. When surprise gifts turn up. Made my day @knightzoe . X’



The Apricot Memoirs is an account devoted to Australian creative, Tess Guinery‘s, self-published book of prose & poetry. Dive in.The Apricot Memoirs Instagram

Image detail: ‘Today — I’m being brave (with a side of prayer, a cup of coffee, and a surrendered heart)…



Veronica Tucker – The Label, is a slow-fashion label in the making. Designed and handmade by Veronica Tucker in Melbourne, Australia.
Veronica Tucker The Label Instagram Test Kitchen Blog Post

Image detail: ‘‘Nothing better than a weekend fabric-store crawl…



Hillary’s Instagram Musings:


Sarah Stieber is a contemporary visual artist based in the U.S., known for her electric, bold, hyper-realistic style of painting.
Sarah Stieba Instagram Blog Post By Test Kitchen Blog

Image detail: ‘Don’t mess with us…



Female Positivity is an account dedicated to circulating positive, inspirational, motivational and hilarious content for all people who identify as female.
Female Positivity Test Kitchen Blog Post

Image detail: ‘All that I’m after is a life full of laughter I hope this serves you. Xoxo @femalepositivity Artist/Credit: @classicalfuck



Sheléa is an American soulful singer, songwriter, musician, talented producer and actress.
Shelea Music Instagram Test Kitchen Blog Post

Image detail: ‘For Your 2019 Emmy® Consideration!’



Eddy’s Instagram Musings:


A visually exciting account representing Plastik Art Magazine, Creative Studios and Art Gallery by Eli Rezkallah – Beirut, Lebanon.
Plastik Art Magazine Instagram account

Image detail: ‘Views @spathumpa’



She rollerblades in high heels… need I say more? Marawa is a writer, photographer, artist and videographer, who also happens to hold 12 Guinness World Records.Marawa Instagram Test Kitchen Blog Post

Image details: ‘@marawa x @impalarollerskates ROSE GOLD. My signature roller skate is out! Pre-order up now on Impalarollerskates.com I am SO DAMN EXCITED!!!…



Jimmy Paul, is a Dutch fashion designer creating bold, colourful, textured and visually compelling visions for the catwalk.
Jimmy Paul Instagram Test Kitchen Blog Post

Image details: ‘‘Thank you SO MUCH @Sesamestreet and @DIFUZED for making my #ChildhoodDreams a #technicolor’ ed reality!…



Erin’s Instagram Musings:


The New Yorker Magazine, a world-renowned literary magazine since 1925. Here you’ll find a visual account of intellectually-inspired content.
The New Yorker Magazine Instagram

Image details: ‘A cartoon by @lianafinck’



Delvene Cockatoo-Collins creates deconstructed and earthy ceramics, woven sculptures and handprinted homewares on North Stradbroke Island, Australia.
Delvene Cockatoo Collins Art Instagram Blog Post by Test Kitchen Blog

Image details: ‘This work – Coochiemudlo – left the studio this morning and staying in a house on the island. Other similar woven works in studio 7 Stradbroke Place, Dunwich…



Jess Swan Art is an abstract, mixed media artist hailing from Western Australia.
Jess Swan Instagram Blog Post by Test Kitchen Blog

Image details: ‘Bumpin’ & Blendin’ with my absolute fave paddle brush by @holcroftofficial available @riotartandcraft 👌 you’re welcome x’



Amy Mac’s Instagram Musings:


Majestic Disorder is an arts culture magazine and creative agency bridging the ancient and modern.
Majestic Disorder Instagram

Image details: ‘Nature A sea of cauliflower by @photographybd’



Real Ta Daan is a global media company devoted to contemporary craftsmanship.
Real Ta Daan Instagram Blog Post By Test Kitchen Blog

Image details: ‘‘Summertime and the livin’ is easy… Credit to @giorgiodipalmaceramiche for these colourful ceramics!!’



Katie Jones, is a British colour lover, crochet designer and tutor. Katie Jones Knit Instagram Blog Post by Test Kitchen Blog

Image details: ‘NEW PATTERN The new Folk flower Tee design is up and available for download!…’



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