Why Paint & Sip is great for Painting Beginners

Jul 24, 2021

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We’re becoming more aware of the importance of spending time offline and reconnecting with activities that stimulate our creative minds. Painting is one of the best ways to do this—it’s primal, tactile, and instinctive—but it can also feel a little elusive. Why? Because for many of us, it’s been years, decades even, since we’ve painted. We’ve forgotten how to do it. We don’t know where to start.

Our advice? Start small. You don’t have to dive straight in to painting, you can just dip a toe in and test the waters. A session at Cork & Chroma is a bit like going on a date with painting… no strings attached.

If you’re new to painting, here’s why a paint and sip session is the perfect place to start.


Cheers to a painting session at Cork & Chroma


The arty bits are supplied

We understand that a full set of paints and equipment can be a costly investment, especially if you’re not even sure you’ll like it. That’s why in your session, all the arty bits are included. We’ve got you covered, from your artist apron, to your canvas, and all the paints and tools you’ll need. All you need to bring is yourself, some painting pals (optional) and your favourite beverage (also optional). At the end of the session you get to take home your canvas, and we take care of the clean up!


Step by step guidance

When you book your session you select which painting you would like to do. At your session one of our experienced Cork & Chroma artists will guide you through that painting, one step at a time. They will introduce you to your artist tools and explain how to use them, and continue to offer painting tips and tricks throughout the session. You will learn how to mix new colours and practice some basic painting techniques, using the brushes and paints in different ways to achieve different textural effects. While everyone in the room will be painting the same thing, sometimes the artist may make minor alterations to their own painting or offer suggestions as to ways you can customise yours so it feels more personal or unique.


Artist Eddy leading a session at Cork & Chroma Melbourne


Everyone’s in the same boat 

Most of our guests have very little experience with painting, and we understand that this can bring up vulnerable feelings. Getting out of our comfort zone can feel… uncomfortable! While some guests feel a little nervous at the beginning, we find that nerves quickly dissipate once it becomes clear that many other painters in the room are feeling the same way. Once you lay on those first few brushstrokes, any jitters just melt away. Our studios are inclusive, safe spaces, where guests can feel free to fully express their creative selves. There’s something magical and uniting about being in a room full of creative beings, where everyone is painting the same thing but with their own signature touch.


No experience necessary

It doesn’t matter if the last time you painted was when you were five or fifteen; we’ve got you every step of the way. Our paintings are designed to be achieved by beginner painters in 2-3 hours. While your painting may not be the masterpiece of your life, we’re pretty sure you’re going to have a good time doing it, and pick up a bunch of handy tips along the way. If you can come in with a clear, open mind and release any expectations of the final product, chances are you’ll have more fun painting, which always leads to happier results!


Starry Night painting at Cork & Chroma


It’s super fun

Painting is front and centre of the Cork & Chroma experience, but let’s not forget the support crew! There’s wine (BYO), great tunes, your guiding artist, and a room full of creative beings: all in all, a recipe for a good time. It’s about connecting with others, and reconnecting with our inner creative selves. They are within us, waiting for that invitation to come out and play.

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