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Maybe you’re here looking for your next creative night out. Maybe you’re here because you’ve got something or someone to celebrate, or you’re after a great new spot to take your date. Maybe you had so much fun last time you’ve come back for more. Maybe you’re here by accident. Whatever the reason, we’re just glad you’re here.


Painting and sipping looks a lot like it sounds: one of our friendly artists will guide you step by step through an acrylic painting on canvas, while you paint along and sip on your favourite drop. But what does a Cork & Chroma session feel like? That, friends, can only be experienced in person. We may be painting the same thing, but we each have our own viewpoint and set of experiences that influence the way we create. Our imaginations may need a little coaxing sometimes but are powerful tools once discovered. A room full of imaginations unleashed? Unstoppable.


Everyone of every experience level is welcome in our studios. Check out The Calendar in your city to choose your painting and book yourself a seat!

Moonlit Blossoms Group Session Photo Cork & Chroma

featured Session

Bushfire Relief Session : 09 February 2020 – 10am – Collingwood

Melbourne - Collingwood: Sun 09 Feb

This session is in support of those in need of emergency services due to the ongoing bushfire crisis in our country. 100% of sales of seats, as well as gold coin raffle donations will be contributed to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal


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