A Fun Team Building Activity

Jul 24, 2021

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At Cork & Chroma we like to call ourselves the dream team. No matter the combination of teammates, we’re always the dream team.

“Who’s on today?”

“The dream team.”

In our experience a successful team is a happy team, who value and support one another. It’s so important to nurture our teammates and find ways to connect and have fun together, as it boosts morale and strengthens the relationships within the company. A fun and memorable team building activity such as a paint and sip session can be a wonderful way to do this.


Dream team at Cork & Chroma


Come one, come all 

Big teams, small teams—it’s all possible! We have studio spaces in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne which can be booked for private events. This means the space is yours for the session, and you will have one of our experienced Cork & Chroma artists all to yourself. We require a minimum of ten seats for private bookings and can host 35+ painters in most of our studio locations (please get in touch to confirm numbers and availability). Smaller teams are welcome to book the space at the minimum required numbers, or book into a public session and we’ll make sure you’re seated together. We can host larger teams across multiple studio locations or alternatively take the Cork & Chroma experience to you at an offsite location. If your company is Australia-wide, or even worldwide, we also offer private online team building sessions! Truly, the sky’s the limit.

We’ve painted with all kinds of teams, working across all kinds of professions. The idea of painting may come more naturally for some, but we know that painting is for everyone! You’d be surprised just how well even the most ‘left-brained’ people take to painting and tapping into their inner creative.


Large group painting together at Cork & Chroma Brisbane


Paint and sip your way

The perks of booking the studio privately for your team building event is that you can do things your way. As well as having the space to yourself, you can bring any food, drinks, and decorations you like. You can also choose which painting your team will paint on the day from our list of painting options. Alternatively, you may request to have a new painting commissioned specifically for your corporate event at an additional cost. If you’re celebrating a special occasion with your team you may use this opportunity and space to make a brief announcement or address your team if you wish. Our Cork & Chroma artist will work with you to ensure that your session runs nice and smoothly!


It’s a new skill

Painting is a skill, and the more you practice the better you get. Same goes with creativity: the more you flex your creative muscles, the stronger they become. Creativity is recognised as one of the most important skills for business professionals to master, as it enhances our ability to think laterally and problem solve in new ways. When painting we are constantly experimenting, problem solving, learning new approaches, and gaining creative confidence. So how about that! Your employees think they’re in for a great time out, when in actual fact they’re upskilling across the board. You can practically claim it on tax.


Painting Fields of Gold at Cork & Chroma Brisbane studio


Create lasting memories

‘Sipping’ is a traditional part of getting together and letting our hair down. It’s tried and tested, and we know it’s good fun. But painting and sipping? Now we’re really upping the ante. As well as coming together socially, your team is sharing a unique and memorable experience. While painting may expose some vulnerabilities, it also presents a great opportunity for your team to encourage and support one another, building trust and camaraderie. Your dream team will be talking about this one for years to come. And who knows, maybe some paintings will land themselves proudly in the office hall of fame.

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