Celebrate at Cork & Chroma

Nov 27, 2021

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Celebrate at Cork & Chroma


You like to party, we like to party, we all like to party! Every day we celebrate with guests in our Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne studios. And every day there’s something new to celebrate. Sometimes we get little hints from guests in their booking notes; that the special occasion is a first date, or a surprise birthday party. We love seeing these notes and being in on the secret! And at the beginning of every painting session, we like to take a moment to ask the room what kind of things they’re celebrating. In our eight years painting with guests at Cork & Chroma, we’ve had hundreds of different reasons to celebrate, and the list gets longer every day.


Celebrating in Style with Cork & Chroma


We celebrate hens parties, Christmas parties, EOFY and work parties, leaving parties and welcome home parties. We celebrate baby showers, and nights away from the kids. We celebrate date nights, anniversaries, divorces, hard work, birthdays from last May, high school reunions, new jobs, quitting jobs, painting together across three generations. We celebrate love, engagements, and big happy moments. We celebrate hard decisions and tiny wins. We celebrate on Fridays and Tuesdays and Mother’s Days and Valentine’s Days, and on good days and bad days. There’s always something to celebrate. Every now and then when asked what they’re celebrating, a guest will simply reply with: “Life!”


Everyone has a reason to Celebrate at Cork & Chroma


And that’s just it, right? Life is full to the brim with moments and reasons to celebrate, whether they’re big or small. The fact that we can get together with the people we love and share a creative experience is a pretty great reason to celebrate in itself. So friends, come and celebrate at Cork & Chroma with us, and tell us what you’re excited about. No matter the occasion, we’re just glad to share it with you and celebrate over great company, music, and wine. And we’ll cheers to ‘life’, and all the reasons it gives us to keep on celebrating.


Celebrate big, celebrate small, just celebrate.


Wait, where’s the party? Here!

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