Nurturing Creativity: Creative Expression Equals Connection

Aug 22, 2019

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We’ve developed a hypothesis.


Now we’re no Albert Einstein, but we’d like to share our scientific observations with you. We have discovered that when we naturally express our creativity by following our personal curiosities and interests, we create a catalyst for connection. This equation is called C = CE2. Connection = Creative Expression squared (shared).


We believe that by just being yourself and doing things you think are neat and interesting, you can inspire and connect with other people, just because you’re lined up with what really makes you tick. We see this night in, night out at our paint and sip sessions; someone adds an addition to their canvas that is inspiring and personal to them, and voila! Conversations start, connections are made and new friendships begin to blossom.


We asked some of our team at Cork & Chroma to share with us a time they made something that created a connection with another person.



Hillary Wall – Creative Director


“I spent a week creating jewel and googly eye-encrusted 3.5 inch black boots to wear to a Lady Gaga concert. Once I had envisioned them, I simply had to bring them to life. They were exquisite for the concert and they made me feel so fabulous that I wore them again a few weeks later on my birthday with a T-shirt and yoga pants. Well, every single person I interacted with that birthday morning commented on the boots. It was a conversation starter, and all of the conversations ended in smiles and a good feeling between us. It made me realise that these little piece of wearable art that I had made could really open a portal of conversation with someone, almost anyone really. It makes me want to create more noteworthy pieces and share more of those connectable moments.”

Cork & Chroma's Creative Director, Hillary's Googley Boots

Eddy Tait – Communications & Culture Lead

“One day I was dressed up outrageously at the NVG and was speaking to an older woman about fashion after she had approached me to compliment my outfit. She was saying how she has so many lovely clothes in her cupboard but she keeps wearing the same boring thing day after day. She said she was so inspired by how I was dressed that she was going to start wearing her ‘nicer’ clothes again. That she would be more daring and brave with colour, and not worry what other people think. 

That conversation has really stuck with me because I often have people saying to me things like: ‘You look amazing, I wish I could wear that.’ A lot of older women also say, ‘At least you can pull it off.’ I think, well if you love it and it inspires you then it doesn’t matter. You do you, honey, and do it with passion! Life’s more fun that way.

Cork & Chroma's Culture Curator Eddy's Outrageous Outfits 2

Another time, I wore a plastic bag on my head fashioned as a hat. It was the cherry on top of my all-black and very textured outfit. I had a black lace and hair skirt, black velvet top, and chain trimming. All I needed was something shiny to finish it off! I wore it to my friend’s exhibition and the response from people was so funny. They were amazed and very entertained. Oh, the fun a plastic bag can bring to a room! Definitely try it next time you’re looking for that final statement piece for your outfit!”

Cork & Chroma's Communications & Culture Lead, Eddy's, Bag on the Head Outfit

Ann Gibb – Head of Operations


“I created this headpiece one night at home with my glue gun. It’s all handmade—the pom poms and little origami flowers. This piece was inspired by a recent conversation I’d had with a colleague about how I’d won a ‘best hat’ competition for my office Melbourne Cup event by making a headpiece entirely of origami. When I wear this headpiece out, I often get asked where I got it and it brings me a lot of joy to say I made it! I think this creation brings out the inner child and crafter within all of us, and I can tell that people get excited when I explain how I put this piece together. I hope they go home inspired to make their own.”

So, in the name of community service—we urge you to start doing those things that really make you tick. Invest in a glue gun from your local discount shop and start gluing miscellaneous items to your shoes, headbands and bags, just for fun. Don those colourful, outrageous and out-of-the-box pieces of clothing you bought because you loved them, but haven’t found the place or had the courage to wear them. Life is too short to wear boring things. And we guarantee, when you apply our equation C = CE2 to your life, at least two of the following things will happen:

  1. You will feel good.
  2. You will make others feel good.
  3. You might just spark a new connection!


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