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Jun 11, 2021

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Painting and sipping at Cork & Chroma is a special experience.
We already know this but you are probably wondering, what do our guests have to say?

We receive positive guest feedback every session and people often say the same things. A lot of the time, guests are surprised at their ability and with what they achieve in three hours. Most people exclaim ‘it’s so fun!’ and many want to do it again.

We filmed a session in our Melbourne studio earlier this year to capture the special vibe at Cork & Chroma. Some of our guests shared their experiences live on camera and we painted our favourite Vincent Van Gogh-inspired painting, Starry Night. It was a fun evening full of laughter and creativity. We created a video of the session which you can watch on our YouTube channel.



Here are some of the notable things our guests had to say:

You don’t have to have an arty background to join in (and have a good time).

This often comes as a surprise to our guests. Especially those who do not consider themselves ‘creative’. We find though, it doesn’t take long for people to realise that you don’t need any arty experience to give this a go. Our artists are trained to lead the paintings step-by-step so that anyone can follow along.


You don't have to be arty at Cork & Chroma


It’s a great activity you can do with your family and friends. And a nice alternative to the common group activities which include sport and food.

In Australia the most common way we meet with friends and family is over food and drinks. So, adding a creative and interactive element is a really nice change. The experience of going through the creative process in the company of friends is a special one.


Friends painting at Cork & Chroma


It’s therapeutic.

People often feel intimidated or nervous at the beginning of the session but soon they relax and really enjoy themselves.

If you haven’t painted since primary school or kindergarten, the idea of picking up a paintbrush and creating something ‘good’ can be intimidating. What people quickly realise at Cork & Chroma is that it’s not about the final result. Painting is a process to be enjoyed. We take the pressure off with simple step-by-step painting guidance. So you can follow along or paint how and what you like.


Guest painting and relaxing at Cork and Chroma


It’s a great vibe. You BYO wine. You are with the people you like spending time with. There’s good music you can sing along to while you get creative and do something different.

Drinks + painting with friends is a winner but did you know that we also have a banging playlist that we play during the session? Oh yeah, there’s nothing like singing your heart out to Tina Turner or Elton John while you paint. Music helps us relax and enjoy ourselves.


Cheers at Cork & Chroma


Many of the things our guests said about their experience during the session in the film are things we hear all the time in our studios. Hearing these things affirms for us that painting is for everyone. Painting relaxes you and makes you happy. And that doing such an activity with the important people in your life is really special.

We hope you feel the same way when you next paint with us. If you have any feedback about your experience in session, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at paint@corkadchroma.com.au or leave us a review on Facebook or Google.

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