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Nov 03, 2022

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You like to party, we like to party, we all like to party! Every day, in all kinds of ways, we celebrate with guests in our Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne studios. There is always something to celebrate! Guests book our studios for private events to celebrate all kinds of occasions: hens parties, birthdays, engagements, work parties, EOFY, Christmas parties, family events, baby showers… you name it, chances are we’ve celebrated it. And we find that most of our guests have something, big or small, to celebrate in our public sessions too. It might be a first date, an anniversary, a friendship reunion, a mother’s day celebration, a promotion, a night away from the kids, or simply the fact that it’s Wednesday. Or, that you’re picking up a brush for the first time since you can remember, and trying something new. In our many years painting with guests at Cork & Chroma, we’ve had hundreds of different wonderful reasons to throw a paint and sip party… and the list gets longer every day!


Paint and Sip Party People at Cork & Chroma


No matter the occasion, a paint and sip party is a great way to bring everyone together to catch up and celebrate. Depending on the size of your group, you can book your party people into a public session in your nearest studio, or book out the entire studio for your private event. Booking the studio is a great option for larger groups as you have more control over all the variables: the time and day, how the room is set up, the options for catering, and on top of that you get to choose your session’s painting from our extensive gallery of painting options. Believe it or not, your choice of painting can help set the tone of the party. If you’re looking for something more self-paced, relaxing, and mediative, try Mandala Magic or Fields of Gold. If you’re looking for something fun, customisable, and funky, give DIY Cacti or Picasso a Portrait a go. If you’re after a crowd pleaser, we’d recommend Brisvegas Story Bridge, Cinque Terre, or Parisian Stroll. You may like to choose a simpler painting like Moonlit Blossoms that allows more time for socialising, or you might prefer to challenge yourself with a more technical piece. Our team will happily guide you in your choice to make sure your painting suits the needs of your celebration and the type of paint party and mood you want to create!


A Cork & Chroma Paint and Sip Party is for everyone!


If you have a smaller group or are looking to celebrate something a little more low-key, you might like to join one of our public sessions. Trust us when we say you won’t be the only ones in the room with something to celebrate; often when we ask our guests if they’re celebrating anything in particular, we get a wide variety of responses! For example, we’ve had guests celebrating their resignation from jobs, and even getting a divorce! Some days a guest will simply say they’re celebrating ‘life’, and that’s a perfectly good reason for a paint and sip party in our books. Life is full of twists and turns and highs and lows, and all of it is worth celebrating and sharing with your favourite people. And we reckon there’s something special about a roomful of strangers having a paint and sip party all together. Lots of little celebrations add up to something much bigger, infusing the studio with a whole heap of positive energy – and that kind of energy does wonders for the creative process! We just love a roomful of happy painters getting their creative on all together. Just look at the arty crew of individuals below, each celebrating in their own special way. See if you can spot the iconic Salvador Dali, Bob Ross, and Frida Kahlo!


Paint and Sip Party People at Cork & Chroma


So whether you’re celebrating a huge milestone or a tiny win, saying yes or saying no to something, your mum’s birthday from last May, or just that it’s a nice day to connect creatively with a loved one, we’re here and ready to celebrate with you. So please don’t be shy when you come in and tell us what you’re celebrating. If you are comfortable sharing these moments with us, we’d love to help make the occasion special in whatever way we can. We’re just glad you’ve chosen to celebrate with us at Cork & Chroma with a paint and sip party. We’ll turn up the music, pour a glass of something delicious, and say ‘Cheers’ to life and all the reasons it gives us to keep on celebrating.


Celebrate big, celebrate small, just celebrate - at a Cork & Chroma Paint and Sip Party


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