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Creative Diary

Think of me as your creative playground.


Every creative needs a visual diary. A big book of blank paper, full of endless possibilities. This is the place to write down ideas, test colour combinations, and trial run a piece before going onto canvas. Journal, collage, dream, doodle, paint, glue, collate, list, and compile. It’s a hub- one place to create- whatever and however you want.


Take it from us, this big boy is what creative diary dreams are made of. It’s chock full of pages with a fresh oversized plastic coil binder to make sure the book lays flat when open. We’ve chosen paper that is adaptable and friendly to a range of mediums, and left the front covers black for you to adorn as you wish.


A custom C&C strap and buckle keeps the pages for your eyes only and makes sure your creative ideas feel all loved up with a big hug when not in use. (Super handy to keep everything tidy when you chuck the diary in your PVC&C tote bag for a day trip).


Our Thick Creative Diary comes in two versions for Capsule Collection 001: – a Limited Edition Neon “Mountain Dew” Diary and Clear Plain Jane Diary. Details below:


Limited Edition Neon “Mountain Dew” Diary

38mm plastikoil binder
Chonky 160 A4 pages of Premium Envirocare 150GSM stock
Unprinted 0.8mm black polypropylene cover

Central ‘Vulcan Green’ surprise spread


Clear Plain Jane Diary

38mm just as special, but far less hectic clear binder
Chonky 160 A4 pages of Premium Envirocare 150GSM stock
Unprinted 0.8mm black polypropylene cover


Both diaries come with a C&C 38mm polyester strap and side-release buckle



Care Instructions:

Lay open to dry. Avoid using excess water on pages. Tips: Write your name and contact details inside in case lost. Don’t overthink what goes in the diary- anything goes. And, just like your diary when you were 13, no one can look inside without your permission.

Disclaimer: decorative C&C stickers in some images not included.


TITLE: Creative Diary

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: Premium art paper enclosed in a black plastic cover. Super chonky coil binding + Cork & Chroma strap with plastic clip buckle. 29.7 x 23 x 2.5cm.


PRICE: $40.00 - $44.00