International Women’s Day Q&A with Hillary Wall

Mar 08, 2019

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We love to celebrate and recognise important events and milestones in peoples lives. For International Women’s Day (IWD) we’d like to acknowledge how incredible women are – mums, daughters, sisters and friends… we see you, we love you. Thank you for being you and contributing to this crazy world we live in. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Balance For Better, focusing on gender equality, a greater awareness of discrimination and a celebration of women’s achievements.


We’ve asked the fearless Cork & Chroma Creative Director and Founder, wife to BJ Wall and mum to sweet little Sunny; Hillary Wall, some questions about what it means to be female and what advice she has for all you powerful sisters out there.


As Beyoncé would say, “Who run the world? Girls!”

Hillary Wall, painting at St Leonards Cork & Chroma St Leonards Studio

What does being a woman mean to you?

To me, being a woman means being on a journey of discovering who I am— and then learning to love the person that I’m discovering— in a world that doesn’t always foster a culture of self love or self confidence.


What advice would you give to other women out there looking for a better work/life balance?

Well, to be honest, I’m not too sure that I should be one to give advice on work/life balance! There are many weeks where I feel out of balance. But one thing that generally helps me to feel balanced in life is taking time to check in with myself.  That can come in many forms, sometimes it’s creative expression, sometime’s it’s a bit of movement and stretching. Most of the time, for me, it involves some kind of meditation. No matter how much I have on my plate, if I take a little time in my day to be still and quiet, I feel more balanced.

Who inspires you and why?

I’m endlessly inspired by Lady Gaga. I admire how varied her self expression can be. She never boxes herself in. Also she’s just so damn talented. I love watching people be really good at what they’re really good at.


Recently I would say I’m most inspired by my family. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my upbringing, where I came from and how I came to be who I am today. As an adult with a family of my own now, I realise all of the beautiful lessons and qualities that I learned from my family growing up.


My mom taught me tireless love. My dad taught me the power of positivity. My sister, Meredith, taught me what can come from determination and my brother Michael taught me the joy of kindness. And one of the biggest lessons I learned from my parents, who divorced when I was 17 only to fall back in love and remarry each other 12 years later, have taught me that love and happiness are choices, no matter the emotion and challenges that you may face. Those ideals are my biggest inspiration right now.

Cork & Chroma Creative Director and Founder Hillary Wall

If someone were to quote you, what would they say?

I’m not sure what people would say! I’ll have to start asking around…
One of my favourite quotes is one I learned from my dear friend Leisha, and it goes, “Good luck, bad luck, who can tell?”

Cork & Chroma Creative Director Hillary Wall Painting at Sydney studio

Fun Female Fact:

Cork & Chroma is made up of 88% women. Bad ass women. So here’s to celebrating your creative genius, we could not do this without you.

Cork & Chroma team


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