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Sep 05, 2019

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It may sound cheesy, but we believe love and creativity go hand in hand. Love is connecting, creativity is expressing. If love and creativity were human beings, they would be the perfect match.


Creating with those you love is a powerful experience. Perhaps it’s because expressing your creativity can be a vulnerable act and you can’t deny what shows up on your canvas – it’s there and it’s yours. Riding that rollercoaster with your best mates, family and lovers is very rewarding. At Cork & Chroma, we love seeing the awe and gratitude that comes with painting together. The surprises that show up in everyone’s paintings are priceless.


We recently spoke with guests in a session to find out more about their experience of painting together.

Guests, Hayden and Darryl at Cork & Chroma

Darryl and Hayden are a couple from the Gold Coast who flew into Melbourne for the weekend. They booked themselves into a session at our Collingwood Studio to kick off their holiday. Hayden has always had an interest in painting and doesn’t mind a glass of wine, so he was naturally drawn to the experience. Darryl was initially a little more hesitant about the whole process (besides the wine part) but decided to give it a go anyway.


When asked what his highlight of the night was, Hayden replied; ‘My highlight was Darryl’s perseverance to get through what he thought would be the impossible task of painting and his is a work of art. Stunning!’ Darryl, who had the opinion that he was not creative, had a great time too. He said; ‘I just had fun. I thought that I would hate it. I’m not very artistic and I made something that looks good! I enjoyed it very much.’


It was wonderful to see their surprise and delight at the result of their paintings. This is a classic example of the creative rollercoaster that guests experience in our sessions and the satisfaction that comes with it.

Guests, Pamela and Anna at Cork & Chroma

Anna and Pamela are two friends from uni who’ve known each other for six years. Their hangouts usually consist of going to art galleries and bonding over the inspiration they find. They decided to deepen their appreciation of art by trying their hand at painting. Pamela said; ‘We love going to the NGV and seeing every exhibition that’s on… now it’s our turn to do some painting.’ Neither Anna nor Pamela had painted since high school, so they booked themselves into Cork & Chroma for a session and were excited to share the experience of getting creative and painting again.


The ladies found their experience relaxing and rewarding. Pamela was surprised at the result, saying it was better than she expected, and now they have their very own original art to hang on their walls. This is a fabulous example of how art can foster friendship and connection.

Guests, Annaliese and Veronica at Cork & Chroma

Thinking that painting would be a fun experience, Annalise bought her mother, Veronica, a Cork & Chroma voucher for her birthday. Veronica said that it was really special to do something one-on-one with her daughter, without the whole family in tow. It was evident how much their personalities matched their painting styles. Annalise was unrestrained with her paint and brush techniques – she wasn’t afraid to get her hands and rag super painty! Veronica said; ‘It’s just like her room!’ Veronica’s approach was more methodical and orderly as she kept her brushes neat and tidy and her paint palette clean. Veronica very much enjoyed poking fun at Annalise’s paint-covered painting rag, and they both had a laugh.


Both mum and daughter had a wonderful time expressing themselves in each other’s company, painting up a storm. It was clear that they enjoyed trying something new and connecting over the experience. Veronica even said her painting called to her, saying; ‘Now that you’re 60, Veronica, you can be anything you want to be.’


From years of experience painting with Australia, we know the impact that creativity can have on relationships and the joy, inspiration and connection it provides. There’s no doubt that expressing yourself freely in the company of your loved ones is one of the greatest ways to spend time together. Make sure your next date night is a creative one!


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