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Feb 15, 2020

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Plants can visually transform a room, but also have other benefits, so which plants are best in a creative space? Here are our top seven!

Cork & Chroma finds the. perfect plants for your creative space
Left to right: Monstera Deliciosa and Devils Ivy.


1. Devils Ivy, aka Golden Pothos, is a crowd favourite. These plants are great for improving air quality in a room, able to cope with both well-lit and low light spaces and can even grow in water. They look great popped up on a shelf or in a macramé holder for the leaves to dangle.  These are a must for any creative space. 


2. Spider Plants look similar to ferns but are easier to care for. They are great in low light conditions and some people prefer keeping them as such as it turns the leaves a bright, lime green. Spider Plants sprout little babies that look like mini pompoms, so you can leave these additions and enjoy them or snip, re-pot and give the cuttings as gifts. We are sold, but if you need more convincing, they are also great for air quality and are very hardy, so can survive a while if neglected.

Indoor plants to improve air quality for your creative space
Succulents are great plants for your creative space
Top image (left to right): Cactus, Spider Plant and Jade Plant. Bottom image: Christmas Cactus.


3. Cacti and Succulents are a must for all you Frida Kahlo lovers out there! Perfect for bright lit spaces or perched on a window sill, some of our favourites include prickly pear cactus and euphorbia trigona (which looks like a cactus but is actually a succulent!). Colour lovers will be besotted with the Christmas Cactus that have big red or pink flowers. Another plus is cacti and succulents are super easy to care for and require little water. Pair with blue, red, orange or yellow pots for those vibrant Frida vibes. 


4. Lavender is great for rooms with low light and can promote calmness helping to reduce stress & anxiety. Breathe innnn, breathe ouuuutttt.


5. Prayer Plants are going to be a joy for any performance artist! These guys move their leaves up and down throughout the day depending on the light. Coming in a range of different patterns, some with pink stripes, they are an interesting addition to your collection. They love humid conditions so are great for Brisbanites! 

Monstera Deliciosa plants for your creative space
Monstera Deliciosa.


7. Monstera Deliciosa (don’t worry, these guys aren’t as scary as they sound!) is a perfect statement plant for your creative space. These babies can grow quite big if your pot allows, so to create a real presence with this plant in a big space, use a moss covered pole to encourage the plant to grow tall and lush. Monstera’s thrive in a light filled room, but don’t place them in direct sunlight, as they can get sunburnt!


7. Jade Plants are considered lucky and are believed to bring you success. If that’s not reason enough to have one in your space, they are a succulent, so are very easy to take care of and are perfect right beside a window or in a bright space. Rumour has it, if you place one beside your front door it will attract money and prosperity.

Jade plants for your creative space
Jade Plant.


Let’s not forget about the pot! If you want something unique to house your plant, why not paint your own? Cork & Chroma Artist, Ann Gibb has some pot painting tips to share below. You can check out her colourful, fun pots with geometrical patterns and prints here.


Ann’s tips

– Use terracotta pots. They can be any shape and size, but preferably uncoated. Get some from your local nursery, Bunnings or Facebook Marketplace. 
– Before you paint with acrylics, make sure you coat your pots with gesso or primer.
– Pick colour combinations that will really pop! Metallic and neon paints are very fun to use.
– You can also paint pot saucers to match your new personalised pot and catch any water drainage.


If you get caught up in your creative cloud often and plant care slips your mind, maybe you are in need of some self-watering pots. Mr Kitly has you sorted, with a variety of colours and sizes.


The plants we have suggested are easy to care for, so if you are a new plant parent, these guys are perfect to start your collection! We would love to see your plants in your creative space, so be sure to tags us on Facebook or Instagram.


Happy planting, friends!

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