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Limited Edition Cloud Palette

Take your painting process to new heights!


Okay, we’ll just say it. We’ve never seen a cloud shaped palette before and its sweetness is sending us straight up to the sky. We know that using quality equipment can enhance a creative process. But painting on palettes designed for purpose, that are also this special and beautiful? Absolute game changer!


An acrylic palette serves as an elevation from the common plastic or aluminium palettes out there. It’s light as a feather (or should we say light as a cloud?) but don’t let that fool you, it’s also super durable. A functional painter’s palette with a custom design, it has a convenient thumbhole makes it easy to hold.


A lovely gift for the artist in your life, or a perfect treat yourself moment for your own creative set up, it’s a unique palette that will upgrade any painting situation.


The Limited Edition Cloud Palette comes in two colour options: Nimbus (blue sparkle) and Frost (white sparkle). Both are created with swirls of mixed colours and sprinkled with a fine gold glitter for a magical, shimmery effect. Limited inventory in both colors.


The C&C logo is etched near the thumbhole on both options, to bring the good creative juju straight from our studio to yours.


Care Instructions:

Arrives covered in a brown protective tape. Peel prior to use- a small pair of tweezers can help get the job done.

Rinse or soak immediately after painting use with warm water. Rub paint off with a non-scratch cloth or brush and, if necessary, a gentle soap. For tougher spots of dried paint, you could use a tiny bit of methylated spirits on a cloth, gently hold against the paint and rub in circles to remove the paint from the acrylic and shine your palette back up. 

Normal wear and tear may include slight scratching of acrylic material and normal coloration of etched C&C logo over time.

Please be aware that, depending on the paint or pigment used, the white acrylic option may have pigment stains after washing.


TITLE: Limited Edition Cloud Palette

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: Pretty, magical, sparkly acrylic. 22.5 x 29.5 x .3cm thick.


PRICE: $50.00 - $50.00