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Make a Mess Paint Rag

I like it when things get messy.


Painting can be messy business. So every artist needs a little buddy to help them out with their happy accidents. With your Make a Mess Paint Rag by your side, you’ll be able to dry your brushes, wipe up any spills, add texture to your canvas, wipe your furrowed creative brow, or blow your nose with ease at any moment during your creative process. (Maybe don’t blow your nose).


We designed this Artist Rag as a reminder that painting and messes go hand in hand. It’s no stress! The little character on the patch is a custom designed Matisse Monster – a little fellow who suggests that fear is simply a part of the creative process, and that it’s all good.


What a fun gift for the artist in your life! Also a perfect sidekick to add to a Painting Bundle and complete your at home paintings kit. It comes wrapped in a neon painters affirmation message to hang in your creative space, delivered directly from the Universe to your doorstep. Open carefully, so as not to rip your affirmation.


100% cotton. 100% magic.


Care Instructions:

Rinse and wash your rag after each painting session. Acrylic paints are water-soluble, and washing them directly after painting will prevent the paint from drying on the cloth.



TITLE: Make a Mess Paint Rag

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: 100% cotton. Sewn Matisse Monster patch.


PRICE: $28.00

Qty Available: 29