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Paint & Sip Enamel Mug

Drink, paint. Just don’t drink the paint! 


Clink! Whether you use your Paint & Sip Enamel Mug to paint or to sip, keep this CampCupTM mug handy at your paint station or pop it in your PVC&C Tote Bag for the coffee run to ya local. We like to keep this mug on our desk as a vessel for pens and paint brushes, and to remind us of the paint and sip approach to creating art; that it should be fun. A fantastic and unique gift for the keen paint and sip fan in your life.


These mugs are extremely lightweight and durable. The printing method used in production creates a finished product that is scratch-resistant, heat-proof and dishwasher friendly.


And as a bonus, every time you take a sip, you’ll remind the world to remember that you’re an artist, baby.


Care Instructions:

Dishwasher safe. Rinse after use if using for paint water to avoid staining.


TITLE: Paint & Sip Enamel Mug

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: 12oz 0.5mm enamel cup


PRICE: $22.00

Qty Available: 4