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Paint from Home Acrylic Palette

I’m your painting partner in crime. 


It’s true, anything could probably become a palette if you tried hard enough. A paper plate, an old piece of cardboard, even a muffin tin would get the job done and host your paint for a session. But painting on tools designed for painting purposes can change and enhance your creative process. And at the very least, make you feel like an artist.


We tried and tested a few different shapes to land on this classic palette. An elevation from the common plastic or aluminium palettes out there, the Paint from Home Palette is sure to become a trusty companion. This palette is light as a feather, but don’t let that fool you, it’s made from super durable acrylic. A functional palette with a traditional design, its convenient thumbhole makes it easy to hold. And, let’s face it, it’s an aesthetically dreamy painting partner. A lovely gift for the keen painter in your life, or a perfect treat yourself moment for your own creative set up.


The Paint from Home Palette comes in three colour options, Clear Translucent, Blue Glass Translucent and White Monochrome, all with a high gloss finish. Clear Translucent is just as it sounds, a clear, colour-free material. Blue Glass has a very slight blue tinge to the plane of the palette and glowing electric blue edges. The C&C logo is etched near the thumbhole on both options, to bring the good creative juju straight from our studio to yours.


If you’re looking for a palette gift that’s a little less… functional… check our Smol Palette Keychain. It’s just like our Paint from Home Palette only-  you guessed it- smol.


Care Instructions:

Arrives covered in a brown protective tape. Peel prior to use- a small pair of tweezers can help get the job done.

Rinse or soak immediately after painting use with warm water. Rub paint off with a non-scratch cloth or brush and, if necessary, a gentle dish soap.

For tougher spots of dried paint, use a tiny bit of methylated spirits on a cloth, gently hold against the paint and rub in circles to remove the paint from the acrylic. 

Normal wear and tear may include slight scratching of acrylic material and normal coloration of etched logo over time. 

Please be aware that, depending on the paint or pigment, the white acrylic option may have pigment stains after washing.   


TITLE: Paint from Home Acrylic Palette

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: Transparent acrylic. 22.5 x 29.5 x .3cm thick.


PRICE: $35.00 - $35.00