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Smol Palette Keychain

Just like your Paint from Home Palette, only smol.


Made from slightly translucent neon acrylic and sporting a raster engraving of your painter’s affirmation. The perfect colourful addition to your PVC&C Tote Bag or OTT keyring collection, and a great little cheerleading token to carry with you and remind you of your creative potential.


The Smol Palette Keychain comes in one of four bright neon colours, and hosts one of the following affirmations: ‘I’m the Van G.O.A.T’, ‘The Paint Life Chose Me’, ‘Think Less, Paint More’, or ‘I’m an Artist, Baby’.


These babies are a little ‘lucky dip’ surprise, so you’re destined to get the color and affirmation meant for you. Add one to your cart and you will get your keychain delivered straight from the Universe (aka C&C HQ in Brisbane) to your door. ✨


Care Instructions:

Don’t run over it with your car, otherwise, it should be sweet.


TITLE: Smol Palette Keychain

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: Neon acrylic palette. 120mm black ball chain. 6.5 x 8.5 x .2cm.


PRICE: $12.00

Qty Available: 146