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Tabletop Easel

If you are a beginning painter, or have a small studio space to paint, this Tabletop Easel is a great addition to your at home setup (and our easel of choice in our paint and sip studios). Easily adjust the angle to suit your ideal painting posture, and you’ll find the adjustable height option can accomodate many different canvas sizes.

Designed to be placed on a desk or table, it can be used whilst standing or seated (perfect for those moments when you want to stand up and boogie with your brush in hand 🕺🏽🖌).

Suitable for use of painting and/or displaying art. Super easy to fold up and store, or take with you for some en plein air painting in the park! You never know when inspiration may strike – this easel will keep you at the ready!


  • approx. dimensions (assembled): 27.5cm wide, 32cm high, 81-103cm deep.
  • height and angle adjusted with butterfly screws
  • holds canvas approx 62cm high.
  • folds flat for easy storage.



TITLE: Tabletop Easel


SIZE / DIMENSIONS: 62 × 5 × 28 cm

PRICE: $39.00

Qty Available: 4