Screen Distancing with drawing and other activities

Mar 19, 2020

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At a time of social distancing, I have noticed myself becoming more attached to my phone as I read the latest on COVID-19 and await updates from friends.


Whilst social media and news channels can be helpful for staying informed and connected, they can also become very consuming and overwhelming. Especially at a time like this.


Instead of looking at a screen I’ve come up with some other things we can do with the intention of slowing down and reconnecting with ourselves:

Screen distancing is sketching of a pair of bananas

Draw something from the earth.

Nature is fascinating and a great subject for drawing. Find something that grew from the earth, think plants and fruits. Maybe it’s the Monstera in the corner of your room or the apple you’re planning to eat later.


Draw a happy moment from memory.

Rather than observing other peoples happy moments, why not jump back in time and re-live one of your own! How would you interpret that feeling into an artwork? You could start by picking a colour that best represents that moment.


Roll your shoulders 3 times with your eyes closed and whisper ‘I am alive’.

We hold a lot of tension in our bodies, by moving consciously and using our voice, we can inspire gratitude in the simplicity of being here, now.


Have a drink of water.

Keep your mind and body hydrated.

Pink Rose bush on the side of the pavement

Walk around the room, block, building or meadow.

Take in the environment around you. What can you see that you’ve never noticed before?


Look someone in the eyes and smile (this could be yourself in the mirror if you are at home).

Even though we are keeping a physical distance, we can still acknowledge each other and send good vibes.


Write a letter to your neighbour and pop it in their letterbox.

If you’ve never had a pen pal, now’s the time to make one! And if you’ve already got one, you know how great it is. Send a cheerful note to someone and you may just receive one back.


Clap three times and let out a sigh.


Screen Distancing includes looking at clouds in the sky.

Wiggle your fingers and look at the sky.

Stimulating our fingers can bring our attention back to the physical body. And looking at something larger than our close surroundings can help us see beyond our immediate circumstances.


Take a little extra time to cook yourself a meal today.

Maybe you could even present your meal in a nice way, served with a fresh herb on top or a dollop of something on the side. Maybe you cut your toast in a fun shape or arrange your salad in a fun pattern.


Sing a song.

Be inspired by our Italian friends in quarantine and sing loudly to your neighbourhood and see if anyone joins in.


Focus on three slow breaths while you lay on the ground.

Try the box breath technique, inhaling to the count of four, holding the breath to the count of four, exhaling to the count of four and holding the breath out to the count of four.

Hand reaching up and patting the trunk of a tree.

Pat a tree.

At a time when we can’t pat each other on the back, pat a tree, it feels good, and the trees love it too.


As the news feed keeps rolling, I hope you find some respite in a break from scrolling. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cork & Chroma will be hosting a live creative online workshop. If you’d like to participate, make sure you’ve subscribed to our e-news for more information coming soon.


In good health,
The Cork & Chroma Team

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