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Bork & Chroma Dog Lead

Lead your pup to its canine creative flow.


You know the unmatched freedom you feel when you find creative flow? That’s the human equivalent to a good walk on a long lead. Inspired by our love for our own four legged friends, and combined with a bit of design resourcefulness, we’ve created the Cork & Chroma… we mean Bork & Chroma dog lead.


The lead comes with a laser-cut neon acrylic BORK! tag, a fashionable and colorful addition to the black and white vibe. Feeling extra? Add the PVC&C Tote Bag to your cart so that you and your fur baby can match on your weekend walk for pupaccinos. The C&C founders have already trotted their Trudy around town in this lead, and have reported that she seems to her head a little higher when adorned with this custom creation.


Fun fact: the custom webbed lead utilises the bespoke typeface Redaction, commissioned by Titus Kaphar and Reginald Dwayne Betts’ the Redaction Exhibition at MoMa PS1. As part of the artists’ dedication to social justice and legal equity, the Redaction fonts are distributed under the Open Font License.


P.S. These babies are a strictly limited edition item. Get ’em while they’re hot!


Care Instructions:

Rinse with soapy water and dry immediately after use if coming into contact with saltwater.

Disclaimer: Make sure your dog is trained, obedient or suitable for a long lead before use.


TITLE: Bork & Chroma Dog Lead

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: 38mm Polyester strap. 38mm zinc alloy gunmetal black clip. Neon acrylic tag with black ball chain.


PRICE: $30.00

Qty Available: 12