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PVC&C Tote Bag

An artist wears their heart on their sleeve but you can wear me on your shoulder.


Our PVC&C tote is the star of our first capsule collection. There are tote bags, and then there’s this tote bag. She’s the tote bag. Take it from us, it is a perfectly designed showstopper.


Hanging from a strap’s eyelet is our Smol Palette Keychain, etched with your choice of one of our four painter’s affirmations; ‘The Paint Life Chose Me’, ‘I’m an Artist, Baby’, ‘I’m the Van G.O.A.T.’, or ‘Think Less, Paint More’. The Smol Palette Keychain is available in a range of four neon colours to complement the bag; pink, green, orange, or yellow. It’s a rad little addition to your tote and a dangly reminder to keep your approach to creativity 💯.


This bag will fit your art supplies, a prized coffee table book, your laptop, your Thick Creative Diary, and whatever else you need on your artist’s day out. Plus, when your lip balm or favourite pen inevitably sinks to the bottom of the bag, the clear quality comes in handy for retrieval purposes.


The custom webbed strap utilises the bespoke typeface Redaction, commissioned by Titus Kaphar and Reginald Dwayne Betts’ the Redaction Exhibition at MoMa PS1. As part of the artists’ dedication to social justice and legal equity, the Redaction fonts are distributed under the Open Font License. Yeah, art things.


P.S. Got secrets? That’s too bad. The bag is see-through.


Care Instructions:

Your bag may come crinkled from transit — this will subside with use and patience. Whatever you do, don’t bring your tote in contact with any irons or hot water as excessive heat will melt this bad girl.

The bag comes wrapped in your very own neon painters affirmation, with a serendipitous message delivered straight from the Universe to your home studio. *Open carefully as not to rip your affirmation*. 



PRODUCT / MEDIUM: Tote: PVC grid body, black eyelets and polyester strap. Keychain: transparent acrylic and black ball chain. 40 x 35 x 9cm gusset.


PRICE: $90.00 - $90.00