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Painter Affirmation Pin

I’m here as a little reminder to think less, paint more. 


Looking for a sign? Here it is.


Sometimes creativity can come with a side of overthinking. And we all know where overthinking can lead… nowhere! This pin reminds us to think less, and paint more. Because all creative sessions are worthy, no matter the outcome.


Bookended by two Matisse inspired shapes, the affirmation is set in a fortune cookie style design, atop a row of lucky numbers. Only these numbers are all the same… 💯. Because we all need a reminder that we are 100/100, we have full support and approval, and we are capable of achieving what we want to achieve.


Pin your smol soft-enamel pin to your apron, corkboard, lucky shirt or PVC&C Tote Bag strap to take your affirmation with you wherever you go. There are four neon Pantone colours to choose from, and each pin comes on a smol neon backing card. Put one in your own cart, or give it as a gift to the painter in your life.


Note: the backing card included is a neon rectangle shape, not the die-cut 100 shape pictured. 


TITLE: Painter Affirmation Pin

PRODUCT / MEDIUM: Soft enamel pin. Rubber clutches. 5 x 1.5 x .3cm.


PRICE: $15.00 - $15.00